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yup. this is my page. yay.

Undersea Map[edit]

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you - I basically took a 4 month break from the game. I'd love to give you the seed for the world, but I honestly don't know how to find it without abandoning the fortress. If I can figure out which file it is, I may be able to provide the save (although you'd probably need the world save too, wouldn't you... bother). If you have definite ideas on how I can get you this, let me know. --Squirrelloid 11:37, 19 November 2008 (EST)

Exit completely out of the game and make a copy of your entire /save folder, then you can abandon. Once you've figured out what you need to, delete the /save folder and rename the backup copy to /save to restore your working fortress. If you know which region it is for sure, you can just copy that, although backing up the whole save folder is more error-proof.--Maximus 13:31, 19 November 2008 (EST)

Random Stuff[edit]

I had a hunter, Ducim Melbilmezum, returning her hoary marmot that she'd killed interrupted by a giant eagle. She promptly dropped the marmot corpse, shot the eagle, and took that home instead.

In the same fortress, I was getting tired of looking for iron, so i asked the dwarven liaison to bring me some magnetite. Of course, they decided my site was inaccessible to their wagons, and so when the mules finally arrived, they were carrying a grand total of three items - two bits of magnetite and a horse in a cage.

The irony was, five minutes later, I found a gigantic area of magnetite whilst looking for some magma.

It was a happy day for that fortress when my legendary miner married my legendary carpenter, deciding to forego any celebrations. That was over 2 years ago, and 6 children have been born since then. My carpenter still has nothing :(.

I had four people sleeping in one bed. My marksdwarf, who had a broken head, and was resting, her husband, who was sleeping, and their two kids. Gonna be so weird if she has another kid any time soon...

-_- animals can reproduce asexually, apparently. i caught and tamed a mountain goat (f), and it had one lot of kids. i butchered them all, thinking she'd got pregnant before i caught her, but no. she just had another kid, so unless she mated with a dog, cow, horse, donkey, mule, cat or hoary marmot, im pretty sure they can reproduce asexually.

in other news, i walled up a puppy by accident. its now a stray dog. im just waiting until it falls down the well shaft...

it's now had a puppy. its been walled up there since childhood and has puppies. /sigh

in other other news, i believe it is possible to 'farm' kids. just make one of a married couple a recruit, and make them spar against an axe/swordsdwarf. then they'll be forced to stay in bed, meaning whenever their other half goes to sleep, another chance at conception. im pretty sure this is how it works, because in the above case with the legendary guys, they both went to bed at different times....

i had some child abuse in my fortress. one of my kids had its upper leg broken. nobody fed her, so she went melancholy, eventually dying in the corridor. strange thing was, nobody was offended (apart from her family) by her death, until she started to rot...


my wishlist! yay!

Raw stuff[edit]

add the [REACTION_CLASS:FLUX] tag to anything in stone_layer to make it a flux.

add the [SOIL_SAND] tag to anything in stone_soil to make it into sand.