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Here is a new square 12x12 tileset, based on Plac1d's one. ASCII style with some graphical features. I had to redraw some tiles for new square layout. Also made ground tiles duller to prevent eye strain. It is now easier to differentiate things from ground ( for me, at least ).

Nice curses 10x12.png
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Author Vidumec
Dated 2013-01-31
Tile Size 10×12
Resolution 800×300
Comments non-square version of my 12x12 tileset, based on Plac1d's one with some additional features and modifications.
Nice curses 12x12.png
Title [[#{{{filename}}}|{{{filename}}}]]
Author Vidumec
Dated 2013-01-30
Tile Size 12×12
Resolution 960×300 native
Comments This tileset is a square version of Plac1d's tileset with some modifications, like duller ground tiles and other.

Talryth square 15x15 tileset with modified dwarf and liason tiles. I also added background, so now it's (probably) easier to define the colors ( old high contrast version was hard to my eyes ( see top for better solution )


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