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reader.print("Hello World!");

Oh, crap. Wrong language.

I w177 pwn joo n00b!

Wait... Still wrong language.

Da tovarishch!

Nope. Still off.

Hello everyone!

Cool. Got it that time.

Umm... nothing else to put here atm. If you see a person online called Waladil, it's either me or someone's comitting a copyright violation. Feel free to check somehow.

No, I will not tell you: how old I am, where I live, my gender, my real name, or whether or not I will marry you. Any requests for this information should be redirected to my Questions and Complaints bins, which can be found in most rooms, usually about one to two feet tall and either rectangular or circular. Many times they can be found with plastic liners, and this is simply for more efficient transport of the Question or Comment.

In more dwarfly news... I did it. I found the fabled Golden Tilde!