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When summer finally arrives the game will freeze for a bit as it autosaves your progress, and then it will pause and announce It is now summer. If you were to save and the continue/restore your game, you'd see two different games to continue:


This is because the game options‡ are set up to create a backup copy of your game every time it autosaves, so that if you make a big mistake you wish to undo you can restore from the backup and lose at most three months of game time. If you wish to change autosaving, auto-backup or pausing on autosave you can edit the appropriate options in the d_init.txt file (though you'll have to save and restore your game for the option changes to take effect).

Quarry bushes and bags[edit]

Now that it's summer your farmer will have harvested some quarry bushes. However, you can't do anything with quarry bushes without first processing them, and you need bags to process them. To get some bags, you need to make them out of leather. Go to the farming level and set up a leather works (b-w-e) and farmer's workshop (b-w-w):


Find ______ and turn on the leatherworking labor‡ (v-p-l) under the Crafts labor group to get the leather works built. Then add a repeating Construct leather Bag job (q-a-n-r) to make as many leather bags as possible; this will use up the two pieces of leather you made from the butchered animals, and the leather that was part of the initial supplies. You'll need the extra bags to hold the seeds from the surface plants that your herbalist gathered from shrubs.

Now find ____ again and turn on the plant processing labor under the Farming/Related labor group. Once the farmer's workshop is done interact with it (q) and add a Process Plants (to Bag) (a-b) job four times. This will produce four bags of quarry bush leaves. Quarry bush leaves must be cooked to be eaten, so go to the kitchen status screen‡ (z--Enter) to make sure that only quarry leaves are enabled for cooking, then add a Prepare lavish meal job to the kitchen (q-a-+-+-Enter). Once the leaves are cooked the bags they were in will be empty and free for use again, so process four more quarry bushes at the farmer's workshop and then prepare another lavish meal. (If you had enough bags you'd be able to process all eight quarry bushes at once)

Processing the quarry bushes into leaves will free up their seeds, so you don't have to worry about the seeds being destroyed when the leaves are cooked.

Brewing, barrels and pots[edit]

Many types of plants can be brewed into booze, and since each dwarf drinks four units of booze per season your going to have to make a lot of booze. Brewing a plant into booze requires an empty barrel or an empty water-tight pot. You probably don't have any left, so you'll have to make some. However, before you make any, you'll want to reserve some of them for use in brewing, since otherwise as soon as they're made they'll be snatched up for storing food and plants. To do this enter the "create stockpile" mode with p, then press * once for each barrel/pot you want to reserve:


Set it to 5 and there must be more than 5 empty barrels/pots before your dwarves use them for storing food and plants.

Anyway, onto making barrels and pots. Your carpenter can make barrels out of wood and your stone crafter can carve pots of of rock; pots carved out of rock are automatically water-tight, and so can be used for brewing. We'll make 15 of each. Go to the jobs manager‡ (u-m) and add (q) a job for 15 Make wooden Barrel and Make rock Pot. After adding the work orders use t to move the rock pot order to the top of the list, so you won't have to wait for your stone crafter to get done with all the rock mug jobs before getting to the pots. You'll still have to wait for the 10 rock mug jobs already queued up at the craftdwarf's workshop to finish.

Now that the barrels and pots on the way, onto the brewing. Find ______ and enable the Brewing labor (v-p-l) under the Farming/Related labor group. Then set up a still (b-w-l) and a 9x9 barrel and pot stockpile‡ (p-u) next to it:


When the still is done and there's a few barrels/pots in the stockpile, add a repeating brewing job (q-a-b-r). Pot and barrels will be made faster than _____ can do brewing, so the repeat job will stop when all the brewable plants are used up.

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