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This article is about an older version of DF.

The Hall of Legends[edit]

The Hall of Legends thread at the bay12games forums is an attempt to collect links to the best Dwarf Fortress stories.

Dwarf Fortress Stories has a 2010 Version category.

Individual stories[edit]

Illustrated battle report: Bronzemurder vs. Oggez Rashas[edit]

A masterpiece engraving of dwarves and the forgotten beast Oggez Rashas. This engraving relates to the battle of the fortress of Bronzemurder.

Legend of the Noble Staff of Whispermines[edit]

The mountain home of Crystalhaven was destroyed long ago by the shrew devil Eyuca Frightcrumble the Insensitive Goad, and their bodies assembled into a grotesque pillar by her henchmen. A band of giants ransacked the the mountain home of Rainedhammers, picking over it like vultures at a dead carcass. All that remains is the mountain home of Workenjoys, which dwindles in numbers at the hands of goblin snatchers and evil dwarves from the dark fortress of Haterampart.

Too many Nobles in the last of the mountain homes. I can feel political backbiting and carefully placed snide remarks working their vile magics, and it won't be long until the threat becomes a crossbow bolt from a masked assassin. The goblins of Haterampart must be stopped, but the nobles of Workenjoys are too absorbed in petty bickering to pay the matter its due attention. So I make plans to establish a new fortress east of the goblins, and build an army to defeat them. Thus is the beginning of Whispermines. - AngleWyrm 02:21, 28 April 2010 (UTC)

The Legendary Trio, Farmer, Fishery Worker and Armourer[edit]

The female dwarf adventurer Thikut Bufutast came across a huge pile of bodies outside of an abandoned fortress after she had read many notes on the battles that had happened there. The notes involved four people; a fishery Worker, a guard, a farmer (named Lor Zasitsil) and an Armourer. According to the notes, they had battled millions of enemies and slain that same amount minus a few who had run away in terror. The Guard was usually unconscious for the duration of the war, but he was alive.

The three dwarves battled against hoards of goblins, imps, magma men, troglodytes, antmen, rat, goblins, you name it, they killed it. Even a dragon was foolish enough to attack them. He was successful in killing the Fishery Worker, and the farmer was left with the Armourer. When Thikut reached the massacre, it was too late. The Farmer, guard, fishery worker, and armourer were all dead, the last bodies on the pile. After grieving for a few minutes, Thikut noticed that Lor was not quite dead, so she dragged her away from the pile and brought her back. Once Lor had been revived she slept for a short while. In that time a giant rat attacked, and Thikut defended Lor to the death, dying in the process of killing the rat. Lor briefly grieved for Thikut, and then buried her next to the bodies of her friends. Lor was happy that she had survived, and set out on her new journey. She walked up onto the bridge leading over the great river nearby the fortress, and a lampray leapt up and ripped her brain out of the back of her skull.

I guess 'Those that live by the sword, die by the sword' is true.

Lor Zasitsil's Kills: 10342

Unknown's (Fishery Worker) Kills: 3764

Unknown's (Armourer) Kills: 20343

Unknown's (Guard) Kills: 217

Thikut Bufutast's Kills: 2

"Origin" This originated as I watched a miner discover a new fortress near my own (This was Thikut). I also found a massacre of bodies, as listed above, with two dragons. By searching the fortress and coffins, I discovered that the four that died were the last ones of the 'Shadowspiral' fortress, as it was named. It was also caused by the fact that a minor malfunction happened where the game believed Lor to be dead, but Thikut fixed it by walking over Lor's corpse. Lor then went to sleep, Thikut died defending her, and then Lor died as she migrated across to my fortress from a lampray pulling her brain out of the back of her head. Not a very suitable death for one so great. (Btw the other dragon, Sarvesh the blazing flame incinerated the Armourer after the Armourer grappled him about fifty times.)

- Thikut 3:51, 31 July 2010 (AU)

Dwarf Flume[edit]

A dwarf has died 'after colliding with an obstacle?' A glitch, surely. How could a dwarf run into a wall so fast as to be killed? But then another!

On the third I see what is going on. A forgotten beast had earlier gone on a rampage through the fortress, destroying a door keeping back the waters of an underground river. As part of an effort to reclaim the flooded territory, drainage tunnels had been dug. Dwarves, on their way to dig more relief tunnels, were being caught up in the flow while wading - sucked through a hole in the floor into a labyrinth-like tunnel, twisting around as the water changed directions, and finally launched by the hydraulic pressure into the former water store cistern - to be smashed against the opposite wall, then dropped five levels into a pit of water.

No that's YOUR job[edit]

Momuz and Rigoth are walking from the fields, back to the new settlement. Momuz rubs his head, scowling. "Armok, I'm thirsty."

Rigoth glares and flares his nostrils. "You never drink, that's why you're thirsty. You're always going on about the prickle berry season."

"Yes, well, that's because I care about my work. Not like those jokers that called themselves the '40d' dwarves that were in here. They'd walk half way out to the berry field, then say 'you know, it's time for a drink' and you wouldn't see them for hours. Me, I'm a herbalist, and I'm serious about it."

Rigoth grunts. "Yeah, those guys weren't worth much. Oh dwarf alive. I could use a drink too."

Both dwarves enter the dining hall / tavern. All around are half dead dwarves, crying for drink.

"WE'RE SO THIRSTY" they all say.

"Yeah, well, you guys are always thirsty. Still... you're in a TAVERN... why aren't you all drinking?"


"Really? I didn't see any notes about that.... Why didn't you drink water? What happened to the stored water we had?"

"Stored water? You mean that time we tried making a stairwell upwards under a lake? That stored water?"

"Well yes!"

"That's not a well, that's a flooded stairway. You can't expect me to drink water from a stairway. People walk there! YOUR CAT left a dead lizard on those stairs. Plus, I never did find out where you've been going to the bathroom..."

"Oh. Well. I guess someone should make alcohol then... who's job was that anyways?"

(both dwarves drop dead)

"Weaponsmith and Cave Crocodile", a poem by Urist McShakeSpear.[edit]

This is a story about a Cave Crocodile and Tulon Olonurrïth "GearedScarred", a Weaponsmithess, who were dramatically involved into fatal relationship.

Chapter 1.

Tulon rambled at a cavern forest, looking for logs that lazy woodcutter left laying on the ground. Suddenly an unknown voice called her - "Oh, lady dwarf, it must be Providence itself that led you here! I'm an ancient dwarven prince, who has been turned into a beast by evil witch, and only the kiss of charming dwarvess can transform me back!". And a large pale cave crocodile came out of the tower-cap tree. He crawled toward her and asked politely - "Oh, will you kiss me?"
And Tulon replied - "WHEEEEEEEEWWW! A LIZARD!!! WHEEEEEWWW!!! DON'T COME!!! I HATE LIZARDS!!! HEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!" - and ran back toward stairs back to her safe home.
Crocodile roared - "Wait! Wait!! You can't just run away and left me here! WAIT, YOU!!!" - and rushed after her.
After several hours of chase the Crocodile finally managed to knock her down on muddy floor and said - "Well, now you have no choise but to fulfill my needs. JUST. ONE. KISS. And you can leave safely wherever you want."
Crocodile - " NO WAY! I'll get this damned kiss, even against your will! NOW!"
Tulon managed to stand up, but Crocodile jumped towards her with intention to get this kiss by force. He grab her head with his jaws...
The headless body of Tulon Olonurrïth slided down the muddy slope...
Crocodile - "Oh f#$k. And what now? Centures of crawling at the darkness with only one hope, and now this imbecile riuned it all. Well, at least I hope she wasn't the only female at this hamlet above. And I hope they ain't such reptile-haters"
And Crocodile crawled to the narrow corridor. Suddenly a cage fell from above, locking him inside.
Crocodile - "Oh, GREAT..."

Chapter 2.

After several hours of awaiting a dwarf peasant came.
Crocodile - "Hey! Hey! Come here! Help me! I'm an enchanted prince, I need a woman who kiss me and transform back to dwarf form!"
Peasant - "Talking beast?! Wow! Guys up there would be glad to see that.". He grabbed the cage and hauled it up to the quarters.
Crocodile - "Hey! Did you hear that i say?! I'm a dwarf like you! Witch turned me into this! Damn, dwarfes grown REALLY dull, while i loafed down there."
Peasant - "Hey! Guys! Look that i got! He is talking!"
Crocodile - "Yes, talking, you dumbass! I'm telling you I'm dwarf, only looking like Crocodile! If a dwarf girl kiss me, I'll be dwarf again!"
Bookkeeper - "Oh, I remember... I was a little boy and my granny took me to puppet show, and the fairytale was about a prince turned into a beast, and a girl must kiss him to turn him dwarf again..."
Crocodile - "Oh, finally someone who shows a bit of common sence. That is exactly that happened to me! I need help!"
Bookkeeper - "Let's put him into our meeting room, he will tell fairytales. What can be better - a nice loaf of cheese and a tale!"
Crocodile - "OH SHI~"
Bookkeeper - "We'll call him Theater Romance, he's always telling that stuff about kisses, sorcery, fate and that crap... I'll tell my wife to make nice silk curtain for him, ho-ho!"

Chapter 3.

Some days later
Peasant - "Hey, that's with our Theater? He says no word other that "F#$K OFF!". Let he tell something funny - you know, dragons, knights and that crap..."
Caretaker - "Hey, Theater! Tell us something!"
Crocodile - "I SAID - F#$K OFF! Is it too difficult for your tiny oaken brain?!"
Crowd sadly - "Oooohhhh...."
Peasant - "What for we need him then? He just eats and shits, and does nothing!"
Broker - "Guys! Take him and bring to depot. That's gonna be a brillant deal! Those merchants got planty of delicious drinks..."
Crowd happily - "Hooray!"
Crocodile - "FUUUUUUUUU~"
Crocodile breaks from his cage and runs away, and miners armed with their picks chase him all over the fortress. After a hours or rushing, beating, biting, wrestling the Crocodile falls down breathlessly.
Broker - "Damn! Drinks!" - to the merchants packing their goods "Hey, wait a bit! We've got a lot of other cool things! Cmon, let's trade a bit more!"

The End.

The origin.

A Weaponsmith (she realy detests lizards) went to cave forest to take a wod log to stockpile, and got chased by cave crocodile. Finally the crocodile torn her head apart in a single charge, and got the name Stinhädâbir, "Theaterromance". Then he got caught into a cage trap. Later, when i wanted to sell him to merchants, he broke out of cage while it was hauled, and i had to draft all miners into squad to struck him down. --Peregarrett 12:07, 27 May 2010 (UTC)

Legend of the Misunderstood Hero[edit]

In Early Spring of 1051 Human Adventurer Conrad Casser was given an arduous task. The task was to fell Ozor Sneakconfused the guise of seers. Ozor was a unique one of a kind skink brute. His enormous Skink body was twisted into the shape of a humanoid and lived in a nearby town. Well not willing to let a demon live Conrad set off to send this Demon back to hell. The fight was long and difficult. With every broken bone and limb Conrad delivered he received as well. Then the towns guard showed up. Thank heavens back up. But, No! it was to him that the guards fell upon. It Turned out the demon was a Law giver in the kingdom of guilds. The demon used this chance to release a blast of heat and steam throwing everyone nearby every which way. The Last thought to go through Conrad's head was "But he's a demon". The last thing to go through in head physically was the town guardsmen dead body thrown by the steam. The name of the city in which the humans unknowingly consort with a demon: Dotmerged.

it wasn't till later in legends mode that i read what my biggest mistake was. Listed in the demon's entry it stated, "in 16 Ozor fooled the kingdom of guilds into believing it was a manifestation of the deity Bekor Cataura"

I had attacked their god, and until they had interrupted, came pretty close to killing it.

Chewedceiling'+-s short, painful existance[edit]

Day 1
We just arrived in this tundra! Back at the Mountainhomes, they say we're heroes! Everything here is frozen, but that's just fine. The map says this place is haunted, but I don't beleive that one bit.
Day 2
Well, the fish cleaner got torn apart by wolves today. We don't have any wood or stone, so we can't build furniture. I've been instructed to build a giant sign saying "HELP" out of ice. I think we'll pull together when the supplies come.
Day 3
I'm beilng chased by a blizzard man! I'm hiding in a secret room inside the "P", so I don't think he'll find me. Well the wall just smashed, and there he i-

This journal was all that was recovered of Chewedceiling. It was written by Annoth Tailwing, a stoneworker.

The Fall of Likotingtak[edit]

There was once a fortress mysteriously abandoned. In this fortress was but a single Speardwarf, in what they think was the food storage room, standing there unmoving , who spoke not to anydwarf. In this fort there were materials to construct the perfect fort. There was underground farmland that was fertile, stoke piles of ore,and trade goods galore. Some dwarves theorize that the reason for the fort's original collapse was due to a famine, while others theorize that it was a social collapse that brought down the fort. There are no carvings or messages as of yet discovered. Sometime after the collapse the Queen sent a group of dwarves to reclaim and investigate this fort. To the surprise of the dwarves, the fort was completely safe, and even had prepared farmland and stockpiles of seeds. Soon the dwarves clear out the stockpiles of miscellaneous junk items and set up a a more then sustaining farm. The fort was perfect. Almost. The dwarves had reclaimed the fort and even improved it in certain respects. And then the goblins ambush came. They came in, tearing apart all that stood in their way and murdering anything that was in their general vicinity. Soon the Goblins came to food storage, where they were met with the sharp end of the mute speardwarf's spear. The speardwarf went through the fortress and systematically killed any goblins that the militia failed to defend themselves from. The only survivor of this ambush was the speardwarf, a jeweler who was distracted by the attack with all the gems he was cutting and a miner who was busy digging to his heart's content. The jeweler and the miner abandoned the fort in an attempt to save themselves, while the speardwarf returned to the food store and stood in place, unmoving and unaffected by time. Once the Queen got word of what happened to the fort, she sent a squad of soldiers to reclaim the fortress. In the fortress they found what was most shocking of all, an almost perfect gold coffin, with engravings of goblin coming into a fort and killing the residents. Was this a premonition of one of the dwarves or was this an object of mourning that was created by the speardwarf. The survivors were questioned, but recall nothing of this coffin's construction. Perhaps the soldiers will find the creator of this coffin but perhaps not. Only time will tell.


A succession game with the claim of 2010's Boatmurdered, and multiple reclaim attempts and sequels, including FailCannon & Hellcannon.

Game Diaries[edit]

Many bloodline games are chronicled on the wiki in their own namespace and as a category. Others are chronicled on external forums, particularly at bay12games. They are both amusing and educational.

Some individuals also document their own games. Below is a list of individual game diaries for your reading (and learning!) pleasure. Enjoy!

Player Fortress Diary Status Notes
Maunder (new player) Cryptlustrous active. about 2 years game time. max population: 64 adults.