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This article is about an older version of DF.

There are two plants and three types of webs that can be turned into thread. Thread can then be woven into cloth, which then can be used to create a variety of textile products such as bags, clothing, rope or crafts. (For a full discussion of the process and possibilities, see clothing industry.)

Animal hair that is produced from a butchered animal can also be spun into yarn thread at a farmer's workshop using the "Spin Thread" order, but cannot be used for the production of cloth or related items.

A dwarf with the thresher labor enabled can process plants (either rope reeds or pig tails) into thread at a farmer's workshop with the "Process Plants" job order. With a loom, any dwarf with the weaver labor enabled will automatically collect any spider* silk webs that are on the ground, turning them into thread.

Any thread can also be used at a Hospital to treat the wounded by suturers. This is the only use of threads made from the hair of non-shearable creatures, as they cannot be spun into yarn.