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v0.31 Talk:Large pot

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In the craftdwarf you can make "wooden Pot" and you get "large <wood> pot", is it a bug?? what's the point in making these instead of barrels??--Kaos 15:22, 2 April 2011 (UTC)

It's a distinct possibility that Toady may remove barrels altogether and replace them with pots. In the meanwhile, it's probably because large pots are defined as being made of any [HARD_MAT], and wood happens to be a hard material. --Quietust 16:11, 2 April 2011 (UTC)
Barrels should be made of wood and metal, and have much larger capacity, then large pots. Empty barrel weight is 10 urists, empty large pot weight is 2 urists. A barrel then should have about 5 times capacity of large pot. Somehow in my game the symbol for a large pot is the same as for a sweet pod or bloated tuber --***
I made some stone pots, I got large stone pots, to my surprise they store more than the barrels, the barrels store 10 units and the pots are storing 20 units, and they weight less too, so stone pots are more efficient than barrels, is that WAD??? haven't tested the wooden pots yet... --Kaos 19:05, 7 April 2011 (UTC)
The pots seem to store a lot more than 20, I got some with at least 30....

Large Pots will go into your "Finished Goods" stockpiles rather than populate barrel requirements in your other stockpiles. To disable this behavior, remove "Finished Goods > Type > Tools" from the "Finished Goods" stockpile settings.

Use / Stockpile[edit]

How do you stockpile these??

How do you use them to store what you want, food, booze, seeds, etc... is there a way to force dwarves to use pots for food and leave the barrels for booze??

Large Pots being filled/used seem to be affected by the max barrels setting...
Large Pot Capacity = 60.000 (liquid) 6.000 (solid)
Barrel Capacity = 100 (liquid) 10 (solid)
So if you have a 18 tiles prepared meal stockpile with max barrels 18, that would be 1.800 capacity, if you have a Pot there it will get filled 1.800/6.000 assuming you have no other barrels in there, so a 60 tiles stockpile at max barrels 60 with only one large pot in it will be able to fill that large pot up to capacity??
This requires some !!SCIENCE!!, this is based on my observation that my 18 tiles prepared food stockpile with max barrels: 6, a partially filled Pot a few barrels and lots meals lying around, when I raised the max barrels to 12, dwarves started to place the meals inside the Pot... my observations might be a little off though so don't take the numbers as exacts, more like approximates..

Final verdict?[edit]

According to some people here large pots hold much more than barrels when it comes to booze, at least. But the above user says that large pots hold less somehow (if I'm reading it right...?). So, what is it? Are large pots better, worse, or practically the same? I'm mostly concerned because of my treeless fortress full of people that need beds, and being a DF player I require maximum efficiency.

Newest incarnation of food containers seems not to differentiate (much) between liquid-proof large pots (all but non-glazed, non-fire clay, but still clay ones) and barrels. They store similar amount of food, same amount of booze (no difference for brewing purposes) and probably also extracts. The only real difference is cost (rock vs wood) and weight (only important when hauling). Oh, and you can have a reusable burning booze trap with magma-safe pots/barrels (booze will obviously not be reusable), which you can't have with wooden ones (nether cap will protect booze from burning, even when submerged in magma). It all boils down (lol) to cost vs weight. --Someone-else 22:29, 22 May 2011 (UTC)
...but booze doesn't actually burn... --Quietust 01:33, 23 May 2011 (UTC)