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speed, delay, adventurer speed, and attributes[edit]

Hey, this is some stuff that dree12 and I worked on. Anybody interested in movement rates might find it interesting.

x = 10^6/(((1.6822)-(0.000300815(a+s)))*n+100)

For x = adventurer mode speed, where a+s is the sum of agility+strength, capped such that 202<y<3798, and n is the base speed. Because orders of operation are confusing, a prettier picture of the equation is available at http://i642.photobucket.com/albums/uu145/vasiln/speed.gif, although the terms in that picture are a little different-- the n = 900 and a+s = y. Call me lazy for not making everything nicer for y'all.

BTW, delay = 10^4/adventurer mode speed.

From this, you can solve for attributes to meet any given adventurer mode speed-- or vice versa-- or any delay. This equation is pretty obviously not the one used by game, because there's no way Toady would use those constants, and it seems that there are some rounding issues involved, possibly with calculations performed on rounded numbers, but it should give you speed, plus or minus one, given any set of attributes.

There may be other terms used in complete speed calculations. This equation solves for arena tests and most fortress mode experimentation, with some anomalies unexplained. If I figure anything else out, I'll update.Vasiln 07:42, 20 August 2011 (UTC)