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v0.34:Water depth

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This article is about an older version of DF.

Water (or magma) can be one of eight different depths. You can find out how deep water is by examining it with the look command, or by editing your d_init.txt file to display water as coloured numbers by changing the SHOW_FLOW_AMOUNTS value to YES.

Water depth ranges from 0-7, where 0 is no water and 7 is maximum depth. Note that water depth is per z-level (or z-index); that is, if a tile is at depth 7/7, it means that the water on that level is at maximum depth, not that the water extends down 7 z-levels. Three tiles vertically adjacent to one another that were all at 7/7 depth could therefore be seen as having 21 levels of depth.

The following is a qualitative description of how deep the water is relative to a dwarf:

Depth Description
0 Not a true value (that is, you will never see it displayed) - there is no water on this tile.
1 A puddle. This is the maximum depth dwarves will build on. Liquids will eventually evaporate.
2 Knee deep.
3 Waist deep. Aquatic creatures will air-drown in water at this depth or below.
4 Dangerous terrain. Movement trains swimming. Dwarves will not willingly path through water at this depth.
5 Head height. Dwarves are now swimming (or drowning, as the case may be).
6 Over a dwarf's head.
7 Risk of drowning. Can have water on floorless tile above. Creatures can freely swim through fortifications.