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This article is about an older version of DF.
(For workshop profiles, see Manager.)

The profile is an important part of the interface, giving you all the information you can ever need on a particular dwarf. The profile is accessible through u-v or v-z, and consists of several screens: the main screen, listing their holdings and owned objects, their thoughts and preferences, a detailed breakdown of their characteristics, their relationships, their health, their kills, and an option to customize the dwarf by giving them a nickname.


Holdings and owned objects[edit]

This is the main screen and is relatively simple. It lists the amount of items the dwarf owns - usually 10 to 14 to start with, being the number of articles of clothing on their person - as well as their holdings in terms of bedrooms, offices, dining rooms, cabinets, coffers, etc. (and, if they are nobles, their requirements in this regard). This is the easiest way to check on the quality of a dwarf's housing.

Thoughts and preferences[edit]

The most detailed screen is the thoughts and preferences screen, accessible with Enter, which gives you a detailed breakdown of your dwarves' happiness and thoughts, familial status, civilization membership, age and date of birth, physical descriptors (and wounds), physical attributes, preferences, mental attributes, and personality traits, in that order. All dwarves have two pieces of their profiles in common: "He/she needs alcohol to get through the working day" (indicating that all dwarves are alcoholics), amongst their personality traits, and "A short sturdy creature fond of work and industry" at the end of the screen (this is actually the dwarf's tagline, and will appear at the beginning for all other creatures). Non-citizens have profiles too, although these are far less detailed, only giving physical characteristics, wounds, and their tagline.


Main article: Relationships

This section, accessible with r, lists the dwarf's relationships with other dwarves. The more relationships, generally, the happier they are, but also the more impacted they will be by potential deaths.

Kill list[edit]

Main article: Kill list

A dwarf's kill list is a record of what creatures they have killed (slaughtering aside). Only dwarves that have actually killed things in hostile combat get kill lists, so the option is only available for those that have. Some dwarves arrive at your fortress with a few kills already under their belt. Although vampires draining others of blood count as kills, in practice their true kill lists are hidden and usually empty as part of their disguise.


The last item is the dwarf's health status, a list of their prior ailments. It is functionally identical to the health status screen, except individualized. It is only available once you have a chief medical dwarf with some diagnosis skill, and will only list ailments they have suffered in their time in your fortress.


The customize option, accessible with y, allows you to give a dwarf a unique nickname and a custom profession. It has mostly two uses: giving your dwarves cool surnames and helping with identifying individual dwarves.