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v0.34 Talk:Fortress

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Fortress Rank[edit]

A little while ago, I found 0.34.11's code for determining migrant info, and said code also calculates the various progress triggers and what looks like criteria for the various fortress ranks:

  • 20 population and 3 of (10 craft jobs, 10 metal jobs, 10 wood jobs, 4 gem jobs, 10 stone jobs, 10 food jobs) - Hamlet?
  • 50 population and 3 of (15 craft jobs, 15 metal jobs, 15 wood jobs, 6 gem jobs, 15 stone jobs, 15 food jobs) - Village?
  • 80 population and 4 of (25 craft jobs, 25 metal jobs, 25 wood jobs, 10 gem jobs, 25 stone jobs, 25 food jobs) - Town?
  • 110 population and 4 of (35 craft jobs, 35 metal jobs, 35 wood jobs, 14 gem jobs, 35 stone jobs, 35 food jobs) - City?
  • 140 population and 5 of (50 craft jobs, 50 metal jobs, 50 wood jobs, 20 gem jobs, 50 stone jobs, 50 food jobs) - Metropolis?

It is interesting to note that the "Town?" qualifications happen to exactly match the requirements, as stated by Toady, for the Baron's arrival back in 40d. The high requirements for the 5th level might also explain why some people don't get "The Incoming King" even after reaching a population of 140. --Quietust 18:25, 28 August 2012 (UTC)