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Does anyone know how to tell what materials a titan is made out of, and whether or not it is friendly to your civilization from within fortress mode? Also titans didn't start showing up for me in the current version until my population hit 180, and since then they've been back to back, six in a row now. --Leonassan

You can see the material of a titan (or FB) by checking its description. It will say something like 'a huge <shape> composed of <material>'. If it instead says 'A massive <creature>' or similar (see the screenshot on Forgotten beast), then it is simply organic. I've never heard of friendly titans; if they show up at your fortress they're always hostile. -- Qazmlpok 13:20, 30 May 2012 (UTC)

Missing Titans[edit]

I've had 2 forts in a row in 34.11 crossing 80 pop, neither of them have gotten attacked by titans. First one got overrun by goblins when the pop was about 150, second one is still alive after 5 years, pop at close to 250 but still no titans. No modifications of any kind and I haven't edited init files in any way. I have been getting goblin and necromancer invasions as expected, as well as forgotten beasts. Is there any reason behind this? --Stinhad Limarezum 12:11, 24 June 2012 (UTC)

Just because Titans can show up at your fortress doesn't mean they have to. They are just more uncommon then sieges or Forgotten Beasts. Maybe there just isn't one next to your fortress. In my current game (34.11.) I met my first Titan... made of fire... He just stood at the edge of the map setting fire to the grass. After a few minutes the game crashed. Just keep playing, eventually you will get a Titan... made of fire -.- -- 00:26, 15 September 2012 (UTC)