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This article is about an older version of DF.

About one in every six non-noble migrants to your fortress will be married. Married dwarves will sleep in the same bed, share the same account (if the dwarven economy is in effect), and pop out babies like rabbits. Spouses also share dining rooms, statue gardens, and zoos, which means that whenever a room of that type is assigned to a dwarf, it is also assigned to that dwarf's spouse. Spouses do not share offices or tombs.

Certain nobles also arrive at your fortress with a spouse: the Baron, Count, Duke, and King each arrive with a consort to whom they are married. Unlike normal married dwarves, noble consorts do not share any rooms, but they still have children; due to the quirk of nobles being exempt from the economy, children born to nobles tend to grow up in abject poverty.

There is no way to quickly determine whether or not a dwarf is married (or who said dwarf's spouse is), though mothers can be identified over time as their children are born. Unlike in later versions, dwarves do not form romantic relationships or get married at your fortress, so your fortress's family trees will only ever be a single level deep (i.e. there will never be grandchildren, uncles, aunts, or cousins).

If a married dwarf dies, his/her spouse will inherit all owned items, including clothes.

Unlike in later versions, there is no "child cap" configuration option, and married dwarves will reproduce without limit - the only way to save your fortress from drowning in children is to eliminate all married couples. If doing this is infeasible, the following patch for version can be used to prevent all citizens from ever becoming pregnant:

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