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Bloodline:Outpost Ducimemal Chapter 2

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This is the second log entry from the bloodline game Outpost Ducimemal.

Overnight, while tossing and turning, a splinter from his larch bed dug deeper into Cerol 'markavian' Paperstranger drawing blood. He awoke with a snarl and ripped the splinter from his side. As outpost broker and woodcutter for the fort (apparently the only dwarf dwarf enough to wield an axe) he had watched for too long at the back of the expedition, only getting involved to supply wood and help trade. The miners were too involved seeking riches deep inside the mountain to care for the others. It was time for a change of tact, and Cerol smiled as he rubbed the smear of blood through his fingers.

Markavian ducemal 1052 cerolpaperstranger.png

6th granite 1052, early-spring[edit]

The notes are written etched harshly in the leather bound book:

  • First order of business; Reorganise these bloody stockpiles, I can't find a damn thing.
  • Second, flex some muscles and hack apart the Leopard scaring away all the herbalists
  • Third, make Leopard stew.

16th granite 1052, early-spring[edit]

An elven caravan arrived. Little of note was traded.

5th felsite, 1052, late-string[edit]

Migrants arrive, a metal crafter, weapon smith, armorsmith, miner, mason, two wood cutters, animal dissector, dyer, three peasants, potash maker, cook, fish cleaner, novice, engraver and four children. If I didn't know better, I'd say a local town just vanished. It must be all the beer, the outpost has over 9000now. Workedsense now has a population of 36 dwarves.

18th felsite, 1052, late-spring[edit]

The miners report that they have found malchite whilst digging expansion tunnels on one of the lower floors; they picked a later of marble to dig through. With the arrival of the new migrants I have nominated myself as sherrif, which means I want a cabinet, coffer, armor stand and weapon rack, else someone get's it with my axe.

17th hematite, 1052, early-summer[edit]

Gorzu Twistedcruelty, a goblin thief killed by novice woodcutter Kel Tomemighty after trying to flee with a child snatched away in his bag. The goblin was first struck round the head and then had its lower left leg severed. I was standing just across from the action, fortunately the child Solon Crimsonlenses was freed unharmed. Not a day later, another goblin was found, this time ripped apart by Dastot Bellsmartyr, who clearly possessed legendary strength as she tore the goblin's hand off. But that wasn't enough! On the 23rd, I heard screams from the dining hall... another goblin thief had slipped past Dastot who only managed to grab an arm before being palmed off. I came running around the corner wielding my axe where I struck down the thief in two thrashed blows across its chest.

Humans have been spotted on the hills heading towards the outpost, it will soon be time to trade.

8th malachite, 1052, mid-summer[edit]

The human traders have arrived, finally, with wagons no less to our fine fort. From their wears I negotiated for essentials including beer, wine, various meats, plants... but further trades were blocked when they asked for many of the fort's rarer items and I refused. After that they refused trade further.

6th limestone, 1052, early-autumn[edit]

The trapped entrance has been rigged, and a new lead lift gate has been installed at the front of the fort to ward off attackers. If being seiged, the lead gate should be raised blocking access at the front wall and forcing invaders over the secondary bridge on the floor above. This is a trap. At the end of the room is a pressure plate next to a microline wall, I have advised the dwarves to keep clear of this route when leaving the fort, but should a kobold or goblin sized creature get this far, then all his friends will suddenly find themselves at least 20ft above a pit full of sharp sticks. With any luck, the trap should reset for further attackers.

I have spent my spare time (besides brokering and keeping peace) to build many more mechanisms that may be used to further trap the entrance should there be a need. It is something of a hobby I guess.

Further expansion has been made to the bedrooms, the miner selected a similar sunflower type pattern which pleasingly interlinks, but several dwarves have complained about the crumbling sandy walls, and I am tempted to have these ripped out and replaced with schist blocks.

15th limestone, 1052, early-autumn[edit]

The dwarven caravan has arrived. I added an order to mint copper coins using the malachite from the lower levels. A migrant, Doren Staffglazed (previously a Dyer) took up the order. Even though he had no metalcrafting experience he was still able to produce several thousand copper coins. Each coin was carefully stamped with a rendition of five cows, and on the back is an image of a tall cross. I am unsure of the symbolism, but I thanked Doren for his efforts when he arrived in show me his progress.

27th limestone, 1052, early-autumn[edit]

Trade with the dwarven caravan went well. I traded for much of the essentials such as meat and plants using the bloodied giant-cave-spider garments fromone of the mauled goblins; I convinced them that this was proof of our action we were taking against the menace and told them the king would be mighty favourable to receive these gifts as proof. If only I had a skull totem to go with it... but no, that is below even my standards. I also traded for a steel shield and an ornate steel helm for my personal use.

I traded the rest of the silver an copper coins for several cages of variously housed creatures, mainly for the cages, not for the creatures. I also acquired several stacks of leather and cloth should there be a need to create bags, clothes, or other items. I also traded for some steel leggings.

17th timber, 1052, late-autumn[edit]

I suppose I should mention at this time the last fey dwarf who ran around babbling until he eventually died of thirst. A tomb was built just outside the entrance of the fort, with several spare coffins should need arise. Now it is late autumn, and the migrant woodworker Feb Granitedaggers has become particularly secretive and claimed a carpenter's workshop... by the 25th Timber, Feb emerged from the work shop thouroughly pleased with him self, for he had created Ugithtillesh Matid, "Necrotruss the Bent Rock" - a Cedar cabinet. Encircled with bands of cedar and menacing with spikes of larch, the Cabinet features an image of dwarves laboring. I'm sure it will make a fine addition to his room; though I must criticise the absent minded use of stockpiled material.

1st moonstone, 1052, early-winter[edit]

Winter is upon us, apparently. It still feels warm outside. A barracks has been set up for recruits to train, much of the stone from the stockpiles has been cleaned up into blocks by trainee masons; providing ample building material for future construction.

14th moonstone, 1052, early-winter[edit]

Zasit Hidepage, miner, struck down a kobold theif near the main stair, we are on the lookout for others... Deller Lashedsea, herbalist, caught another one outside, and mauled the kobold (named Frodokreenkus) to death. Another herbalist chased a third away, but it reached the edge of our territory and escaped...

10th obsidian, 1052, late-winter[edit]

I have decided to don my armour and work as sherrif for the winter. Someone else can take up the role of Outpost Manager if they so please... altho I would be honoured help trade in the next year. I leave this record with instructions and maps for my successor.

Ducemal 1052 markavianpaperstranger.png

The front entrance has been fortified with a wall and a lead gate that can be raised. The cyan microline floor tiles border a large hole which eventually leads to a pit full of spikes.
Above the entrance is a separate passageway with pressure plate at the end. This is a trap. Seiging goblins, or whoever activates the pressure plate will find them selves dropped into a large pit several floors down, full of spikes. To the left of the fort is the fort's tomb.
Workshop Expansion around storage area. Each workshop room has space for its own stockpile.
File:Ducemal 1052 bedroom expansion.png
Bedroom Expansion using interlinking flower pattern