Bloodline:Ringfissures Year 2

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Player: Bobothebum[edit]

There were quite a lot of screenshots, so those were placed to the right as thumbnails. Click to enlarge.


First of Granite

I've been told there are great riches to be had far in the east in the newfounded fortress of Ringfissures. I signed up immediately, hearing tales of its vast halls, its sprawling workshops, and best of all, its tremendous farmlands! The strength of a fort lies in its agriculture, as any good dwarf knows, and I was flattered to be able to be the fort overseer for a year.

What I got was three workshops in a hellscorched landscape, with two square feet of farmland.

First of Granite 1

On the way in, I also spotted something that filled me with foreboding.

First of Granite 2

This is going to be a long year.

Fifth of Granite

The miner and the previous leader here both have yet to do any work. They keep insisting that they are "on break." Absurd!

Our cook, and brewer, and planter, wandered off today under the insistence of "gathering plants", despite my insistence that he prepare us food and drink. I hope he fries out there - he should know it's too dangerous to go outside.

Sixth of Granite

May the gods save me from uttering any more oaths.

Sixth of Granite 1
Sixth of Granite 2

I'll have a proper burial for him as soon as that imp leaves the area. May he become one with the mountain once again.

In light of recent events, no dwarf may go outside until further notice.

Seventh of Granite

A quick note: all the animals in the fortress were kept up in a single cage. I've released most of them in order to facilitate vermin hunting and breeding.

On a related note, I've mandated the construction of kennels, in the hopes of training some hunting and war dogs. The outside world has proved itself more than vicious enough to warrant it.

Thirteenth of Granite

The previous leader has taken it upon himself to bring that dwarf inside. Despite my warnings, he appears to be heading right for the fire imp's den. I pray for his safety.

Thirteenth of Granite 1
Thirteenth of Granite 2

Seventeenth of Granite

I tried to order everyone back inside -- the elven caravan had arrived, and I expected them to take care of that vile imp.

The imp was too smart for me. It headed our herbalist off.

Seventeenth of Granite 1

Our retired leader proved to be too incompetent to distract the damned beast for even a second.

Seventeenth of Granite 2

Another lost to that vile imp -- I fear for this fortress as a whole. I wonder if it can survive until we get some migrants.

Twenty-Second of Granite

I can't help but allow myself a grim smile. The imp is scaring off the elf merchants.

Twenty-Second of Granite

Twenty-Fifth of Granite

I take back everything I said about this Phrost character. He is a grand credit to the fortress.

Twenty-Fifth of Granite

And with that muskox dead and the elves refusing to touch it, we just got ourselves a whole lot of equipment. Talk about a silver ore lining.

Twenty-Seventh of Granite

Hah! The imp scared those pansy elves off.


Fifth of Slate
Caught two kobold thieves today. This doesn't bode well for the near future.


Nothing important to mention.

Twenty-Second of Slate

Glorious, a set of migrants!

Twenty-Second of Slate

Twenty-Sixth of Slate

While digging out some proper bedrooms, our miner struck native copper! Looks like we'll need to put a few bedrooms elsewhere.

Twenty-Sixth of Slate

To the left in that map, you can also see I've dug out some proper farmland for the fort.


First of Felsite

Oh, Gods, no. Not already. Not now.

First of Felsite

I don't even have a clotheshop for this...bitch! This does not bode well.

Second of Felsite

Suspended secret project in order to get clothiershop made.

Fourth of Felsite

The clothiershop has been constructed, and the secretive clothesmaker has claimed it.

Fourth of Felsite

Secret project resumed.

Sixth of Felsite

Continuing to mine out native copper vein; successfully built a small channel of magma for a few furnaces.

Sixth of Felsite

Twelfth of Felsite

The murky ground by the farms is slowly filling with water - I think I'll have to channel that area out, sadly. Further, I'm working on tapping that nearby brook for an indoor well - I'll be placing floodgates in preparation of a mining mishap.

Fourteenth of Felsite

No. No.

No no no no.

So much for keeping my secret project a secret - it wasn't finished in time.

Vengeance has come.

Fourteenth of Felsite 1

As if meant to be an exclamation mark to today's events, the clothier has finished her work.

Fourteenth of Felsite 2

Seventeenth of Felsite

Remind me to never get on that cheesemaker's bad side. He took down the fire imp's avenger with no wounds.

Seventeenth of Felsite

Twenty-third of Felsite

I've set up a door and cistern system so we can have an artificial well that we can fill up as needed safely. Continuing excavation of further farmland and continuing to excavate native copper ore.


Summer is here.

Second of Hematite

As I write this, I'm watching our miner breach the final wall into the stream. Soon, we'll have water! Precious wa--

First of Hematite

Sixth of Hematite

That was a close call, at best.

I've had to excavate some of the fortress for the sole purpose of trying to drain some water. What happened was, the lever to close the floodgate was too close to the area to be flooded; no one could swim up to it to shut it down for quite a while.

Tenth of Hematite

Post flood, a cloud of miasma is hanging over the butcher's shop, with no discernible source.

Also noticed we're getting dangerously low on booze.

Twelfth of Hematite

The butcher seems to be empty, but miasma continues to drift out.

Thirteenth of Hematite

Glorious! The anti-imp wall has been completed!

Thirteenth of Hematite

Fifteenth of Hematite

Human caravan just arrived today. Let's see what they have to offer, shall we?

Sixteenth of Hematite

As the caravan continues to approach, a goblin snatcher triggered one of Phrost's cage traps. I'm debating whether to throw him into the magma pipe, or sell him to the human traders.

Eighteenth of Hematite

Merchants still haven't got here yet. Phrost has been refusing to talk to the guild representative, insisting that the stockpiles be organized is far, far more important. The butcher continues to release bursts of miasma.

Nineteenth of Hematite

As usual, the arrival of the caravan attracted a kobold thief, who was discovered before he even reached the cage traps. Phrost has finally begun the meeting with the humans. I've decided to try and sell the goblin, equipment and all, as a monument to the power of Ringfissures.

Twenty-First of Hematite

The human liaison was found dead at the top of our staircase today. Phrost has been milling around the trade depot, whistling suspiciously.

Twenty-First of Hematite 1

Further, the goblin thief has broken out while being brought to the depot - I trust that either he'll be recaught or the humans will deal with him, so I'm not even going to have anyone bother him. Let him try and find a way out.



The damned thief was run over by the wagons, and is now unconscious. The human hammerer is now having a fantastic time with the unconscious body, and it is because of this that I worry that they'll see the liaision's corpse - - the goblin thief is now nothing but several pieces on the ground.

Twenty-First of Hematite 2

Trading will begin as soon as all our goods are brought to the depot.

Twenty-First of Hematite

The good hauling continues, and I have to ask the goblin race: really? Really?? Another goblin snatcher was just spotted.

In the name of the mountain! Another!

Twenty-Second of Hematite

This is getting outright absurd - we discovered a kobold thief today. We still haven't finished bringing everything to the depot, either.

On a different note, I wonder if those merchants will buy their liaision's clothing back...

Twenty-Seventh of Hematite

After many days of negotiation, we've finished. I've traded all the useless crafts and instruments in the fortress for beer, food, seeds, cloth, and an anvil. Those humans bought back all their fallen ally's clothing right alongside the goblin's! Ha!


Fifteenth of Malachite

Merchants started packing up today. Finally built a forge over the magma to use all this copper. Melted down all of the goblin's equipment.

Excavating more copper, and more farmland.

Making the sheriff an office, a dining room, and a bedroom.

Making a jail.

Not much else to mention.

I guess I'll go sleep.

Sixteenth of Malachite

You know, you think I'd be happy life has been so successful and uneventful lately.

Maybe I should try and rig up a waterfall over the entrance. That'd be nice for everyone.

Hm. But business first, unnecessary and dangerous plans later.

Our head miner finished his fifteen day break today. Finally - the other two have been making a mess of the copper. The jail was installed just fine, with two cells. I'm contemplating where to place a new dining hall.

Twenty-Second of Malachite

The butcher's released yet another burst of miasma today. I just don't understand it -- I can't wait til we can move it away from the bedrooms. In fact, I think I'll start that right now.

Thirtieth of Malachite

Pit completed - all garbage will be thrown to the bottom, including delicious animal parts.


Tenth of Galena

Upon deconstruction of the butcher's shop to be moved down two levels, several dead animals were found in the foundation. I maintain that the miasma coming from it before were totally magical, and these dead animals are completely unrelated.


You know, I've been feeling kind of tired lately. I have these terrible nightmares of imps and macaques -- I can't wait for this year to end.


Oh, god no. Not while Phrost is shut up in his room, doing his tallies. What do I do what do I do what do I do RingfissuresYear2-23-1.png

Oh god one took a hood where are they I can't find them I'll get you I'll get you into the magma pit you'll go my pretties yessir toss you in a cage and you'll burnburnburnburnburnBURN! I don't take kindly to thieves BURNburnburnburn!!

There you are you're gonna get caught and then you're going to BURNburnburnburnburnburnBURRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!

The impslayer got a macaque But they won't take the bait they won't come in they should come in so they can burnburnburnburn!!


That's it come inside come inside it's warm in here maybe too warm for you you'll burnburnburnburnburnBURNburnburnburn!

Only one got caught with the rest leaving why are you leaving you should come in come in come in and burnHAILMAGMREIL!!!


Twelfth of Galena

Looking back these pages, I seem to have suffered a minor nervous breakdown. (Hail Magmreil...?) No matter. The macaques have run away for now, and only made off with a few socks and hats.

I can't wait for this year to end.

Fourteenth of Galena

I'm making a bit of a platform over the magma pit for execution of prisoners...and macaques.

Eighteenth of Galena

I've mandated the taming of the captured rhesus macaque. I'll probably chain it to the entrance, or have it accompany our hunter, or something.



Thirteenth of Limestone
The Rhesus Macaque was successfully caught, tamed, and chained in the entrance hallway area. If I could get a male I could breed some for the fortress...


Fourteenth of Limestone

Dwarven caravan has arrived.

Fifteenth of Limestone

What the...?!


What in the world? Our liaison to the grand mountainhome is a..a goblin?! Dammit Phrost -- why didn't you tell me?

Nineteenth of Limestone

So, the merchants have arrived, and I have so very little to trade with them. All the craftsmen seem to be too busy on my grand creation to make a few flutes.

Twenty-fourth of Limestone

Finally got the sheriff to make some rock crafts. I want to get as much wealth out there in the wide world as possible, to attract migrants.


Fifth of Sandstone

Started trading. Dwarven caravan had little to offer - so far I've only bought us a few lumps of bauxite and a couple of cats to keep the firesnake population down. I'll probably buy some of their booze, too - - I just wish they brought more wood and bauxite.

Sixth of Sandstone

One of the children threw a party in the barracks today. Fantastic.

Thirteenth of Sandstone

With the traders about to leave, I've traded all our useless crafts for booze.

Twenty-fourth of Sandstone

I've ordered the construction of my room right next to the warmth of the magma vent.

That kid threw another party.


Tenth of Timber

Some migrants arrived today.

Just in time, too - the execution bridge just finished.

Ringfissures Year2-28.png

Erm. Not that the two are related in that I'm going to execute the migrants. I mean.



I hope they don't want to sleep anytime soon - I simply don't have enough bedrooms to accommodate them all yet.]

Ringfissures Year2-29.png

Seventeenth of Timber

A fisherdwarf got struck with a secretive mood today, and has claimed a craftsdwarfs workshop. Let's see what he makes - I should be prepared this time.

Ringfissures Year2-30.png

Nineteenth of Timber

Right about now I'm realizing we don't have any turtle shells. I hope he doesn't request any.

Twenty-first of Timber

All he's demanding is bones, bones, and more bones. I've ordered a few of our cats slaughtered, accordingly.

Twenty-fourth of Timber

The fisherman has started carving something, but he won't let me see what.


It's wintertime. Almost done running this fortress.

First of Moonstone

He's done. How...completely useful.

Ringfissures Year2-31.png

Fourteenth of Moonstone

Bedrooms "mostly" done. The fancy bedrooms can be completed another day, another overseer.

Ringfissures Year2-32.png

Twenty-Eighth of Moonstone

Filled the gap beneath the front drawbridge with beautiful, beautiful magma.

Ringfissures Year2-33.png


Twentieth of Opal
Fourteenth of Opal

Fourteenth of Opal


Cold cold cold.

I hate winter.

Twentieth of Opal

Brook unfroze today. That's good. I guess.

I'm cold.

I wanna go back to my furnace.


So. Close. To retirement.

Fifteenth of Obsidian

A fishersdwarf gave birth today. The baby, if I may say so myself, is ugly.

Nineteenth of Obsidian

And here I was thinking I'd end the year on a pleasant, quiet note. One of my fellow furnace operators has been possessed.

Ringfissures Year2-36.png

He's demanding raw and cut gems, metal bars, and cloth.

Good luck to whatever dwarf is next.