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Known bugs and issues

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This article is about the current version of DF.
Note that some content may still need to be updated.

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Dwarf Fortress is a constant work-in-progress, and is thus full of bugs. An official compilation of all bugs, and their development status, can be found on the Mantis Bug Tracker. The search results in the bug tracker sometimes have an unintuitive sort order, so make sure to scroll to the bottom of the first page of results when searching for bugs. To comment on any bug, you can "Login anonymously" and add a note.

Reporting new bugs

Please do not report new bugs here; to report a new bug, follow the How to Report Bugs in Dwarf Fortress instructions. For any other discussion of new or existing bugs, visit the #bug-discussion channel on the Official Kitfox Discord.

When reporting a bug:

  • Make a note of any mods you're using. If you made the mod yourself, include the raws for any relevant objects.
  • If the game is crashing or refusing to open, include any error message that appears, along with your computer specifications and operating system.
  • If you have a save that reliably reproduces the bug, it may be helpful to upload the save to the DF File Depot - Bugged Saves or another file hosting site.

Major bugs with workarounds

This is a list of major bugs with workarounds that would be useful for most players to know. Bugs added to this list should: 1) impact most players in a significant way in the current version, and 2) have some workaround that is useful to share. Please link the source of any posted workarounds.

  • Bug 0012008: Dwarves will not equip ammunition. When a squad is created, it takes note of the amount of ammunition in the fortress but never updates this figure.
    • Workaround: Set up a uniform which includes a ranged weapon. Form a new squad using this uniform, which updates the squad's knowledge of how much ammunition is available. Assign the desired dwarves to that squad. Set them to train with a schedule of your choice. The dwarves should equip ammunition. (Note: Hunter dwarves "reserve" roughly 100 to 200 bolts each. Your ammo stockpile must include more bolts than 200 x number of hunters. This extra ammo will be used by your marksdwarves.) (Source)
  • Bug 11985 (Healthcare labors bug): Dwarves assigned to doctoring occupations not performing doctor labors.
    • Workaround: Make any change on the work details page, such as adding and removing a dwarf from a work detail. This will cause labors to be properly updated based on occupations. (source)
  • Bug 349: Animal care labor does nothing.
  • Bug 1451: The equipment required for miners, hunters, and woodcutters to do their job conflicts with military uniforms.
    • Workaround: never assign these three labors to military dwarves.
  • Bug 9653: Tavern keeper/performers repeatedly serve alcohol until patrons drink themselves to death
    • Workaround: do not assign tavern keepers or performers, or do not place any alcohol within the tavern zone
  • Bug 9004: Items in containers are "unavailable" while a dwarf is hauling another item to store in the container