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This article is about the current version of DF.
Note that some content may still need to be updated.

In adventurer mode, it is possible to surrender by using the yield key, thus assuming a submissive posture. Surrender may end a lethal conflict, but not a no quarter conflict. It is also possible to use the konversation menu to demand that someone else yield. An enemy's surrender is generally indicated by them yelling "I yield! I yield!", though enemies may sometimes say "Stop! This isn't happening!". Faking surrender may elevate conflict from lethal to no quarter.

Attacking an enemy who has yielded will result in a confirmation message requiring you to press ALT+y to confirm. Sometimes this message will be displayed, though, and the enemy hasn't visibly yielded. This indicates that the enemy is yielding, but hasn't finished saying the associated message. If the player waits (using . or ,) the message will appear.

Upon the killing of an opponent who has surrendered, depending on the ethics of the civilization, this will cause you to be known as a murderer, causing most persons of that civilization to denounce you as a murderer and spit at you every time you attempt to speak to them. Despite this, you can still engage in conversation with the subject, albeit while dodging their spit.

Creatures in fortress mode will never surrender in combat, even against overwhelming odds. All battles will be fought to the death, or until someone escapes.