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This article is about the current version of DF.
Note that some content may still need to be updated.

Unconscious is the state wherein a dwarf is unable to move or do anything of their own accord. It's noted under the basic wounds screen (view creature -> wounds).

Dwarves can become unconscious for a variety of reasons, the most common, of course, is that they're sleeping. In combat, an injured creature can fall unconscious as well, mostly due to extreme pain from injuries. The amount of pain required to knock out a creature is based on its toughness attribute. Syndromes can also cause periodic unconsciousness as one of their symptoms. Unconscious is different from Rest: dwarves that are unconscious will not heal from their injuries. Very often, attacks that hit bones will cause unconsciousness or worse if they chip a bone, due to the high amount of pain that bone fractures cause compared to other tissue.

Anything that falls unconscious can be caught in a trap, including creatures normally immune to them. This includes dwarves, who might decide to take their last nap ever on a tile with 10 Giant Axe Blades.

If you have a dwarf in a state of endless unconsciousness, if you are able to expel them from your fortress they wake up [Source Needed]