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This article is about an older version of DF.

(If you're looking for domestic skills, see Skills)

Domestic animals are creatures that can be used by dwarves one way or another without taming or training, usually for security or food. Technically, they have the [domestic] tag in the Raws. They can be bought at embark, or traded for with caravans. Wild versions of domesticated animals (horses, muskoxen, etc) can be tamed, as can almost any wild animal.

Every fortress expedition starts with two free domestic draft animals which pulled their wagon to the fortress site. This can be any of the animals in the list below with the [WAGON_PULLER] tag (so any except dogs and cats) which were available at embark. Fortresses have no use for a wagon after, except to break it up for wood, so these two animals can be slaughtered or kept for breeding and making your dwarves happy.

While any animals of the same species bought at embark always alternate male/female/male/female (in that order), the two free wagon animals do not. It's certainly possible to get a breeding pair, but the odds are heavily against it.

Domestic animals include:

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