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40d:Easter eggs

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This article is about an older version of DF.

This page is a list of hidden or unexpected aspects of the game, once known as HFS, or Hidden Fun Stuff. Though technically 'HFS' is used in the dev logs to refer to anything Toady doesn't want us to know about until we find it ourselves, players have appropriated the name to only refer to... well, we won't spoil it for you.

Fluctuating Subtitle[edit]

When starting up the game, on the title screen where the player first chooses what to do, the top reads:

Slaves to Armok: God of Blood
Chapter 2: Dwarf Fortress
Histories of ...

'...' will be generated each time the game is opened. Some combinations include "Histories of Avarice and Resourcefulness" and "Histories of Jealousy and Tenacity." Generally, the words will include a synonym each of "greed" and "stubbornness", which as we all know fit the hairy little blighters like a Cave spider silk glove.

Dwarven Daydreams[edit]

Some dwarves like Toads for their beauty, an obvious inside reference to Toady One.

So What If I'm Dead?[edit]

Checking the weather, temperature, or date in Adventure Mode after dying will instead return a snarky message reminding you of your current medical state.

Bey@nd Quality?![edit]

For about one frame, the word "Beyond" in the Bay 12 Games Beyond Quality intro turns into "Bey@nd". Nobody knows why.


In the Bay 12 Games Beyond Quality intro, when the program is saying "Quality", grab the title bar and drag it around a bit. Release, and when the lines appear, you'll hear a pig sound.

Help Screen[edit]

If you press the ? on the help screen you will go to the help screen of the help screen, now press it twice more :-)

Dungeons and Dragons[edit]

In a fortress which doesn't yet have a dungeon master, open the Manager screen (jm or um) and queue up a new work order, then type in "elec" followed by any letter other than 't' to receive the message "Look, if you want to play DND, I'm sure you can find a game that has your favorite metal in it. Don't look here." This is a holdover from the old 2D version when it was not possible to make electrum until the dungeon master's arrival.

Intro Movie[edit]

Not quite an easter egg, but the sequence seen during the intro reflects the layout of a typical fortress from the old 2D versions, proceeding past the cave river and chasm and concluding with a miner breaching the magma river (and likely causing a lethal flood).

No Dwarves? there are toads ![edit]

When a creature is named (not for killing a dwarf), you get a message like : "The dwarves named a resident Cave Swallowman Urist McSwallowman". If you are in adventure mode and that all the dwarves/humans/elves/goblins are dead, you get the message : "The toads named a resident Cave Swallowman Urist McSwallowman". This may be due to the fact that toads are the first creature entry in the raws, being the only creature in the first file, "creature_amphibians". As a result, glitches in which the code refers to a creature that doesn't exist tend to default to toads.


A small egg, mostly because few have seen it. An old fort that's around 50 years old or so will grow moss on its stone block constructions. Not much is known about moss, except that it can only occur in certain Biomes.

Where'd the vid go?[edit]

If you make the game go into fullscreen right after the "beyond quality" part it will glitch and skip the movie