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Armok, God of Blood, is the name of the creator deity in the lore of the original Slaves to Armok: God of Blood, and the in-game explanation for that game's random world generation:

"Armok, the God of Blood, is just about the only constant in these chaotic random universes. A general sense of conflict keeps Armok appeased - when the universe becomes too boring it is set on the anvil of creation to be reforged."

"The destruction of the world by Armok will arise inevitably in most game worlds. As civilizations spread and the frontier closes, the world will start to look homogeneous. Armok, looking upon this decadence in disgust, will reform the world. Basically, when the universe has become too boring, it will be changed."

Armok does not appear as a deity available for worshipping in Dwarf Fortress worlds, as his name is a throwback to the original "Slaves to Armok" and bears no direct relevance to Dwarf Fortress itself.

[edit] Name Origin

The name of the Dwarven God comes from the variable "arm_ok", which is from Tarn Adams's fantasy game, Dragslay. The variable was used to count the number of arms left, for inventory purposes. (Source)

[edit] Playable Armok Mod

MOD This page includes mods. The content is not part of normal DF as released. Changing game files can sometimes cause unexpected results, and should always be done with care and caution.

Copy this into any creature file in the raws, and play with your very own avatar of the God of Blood! Shoots fireballs, smites heretics with dragonfire, and slays mortal creatures with a single touch!

	[DESCRIPTION:The blood god is risen.]
	[NAME:avatar of armok:avatars of armok:avatar of armok]
		[STATE_NAME:ALL_SOLID:touch of death]
		[STATE_ADJ:ALL_SOLID:touch of death]
		[STATE_NAME:LIQUID:touch of death]
		[STATE_ADJ:LIQUID:touch of death]
		[STATE_NAME:GAS:touch of death]
		[STATE_ADJ:GAS:touch of death]
			[SYN_NAME:curse of the blood god]
		[CDI:ADV_NAME:Hurl fireball]

then copy this into entity_default.txt to play as the Blood God Incarnate in adventure mode. Don't worry, they won't appear in fortress mode or worldgen... yet.


Original creature design taken from GenericOverusedName on the Bay12 Forums. (link)

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