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A bedroom is an activity zone that probably should contain a bed. Bedrooms are automatically claimed by dwarves (or spouses of dwarves); or they may be manually assigned to a dwarf. Once a bedroom has an owner, it becomes the private quarters for that dwarf, where they will sleep, store any belongings that are not carried, and hang out in if there is no meeting area.

Setup and ownership[edit]

A bedroom a player was lazy in creating.

A useful bedroom consists of a bed placed in a designated bedroom zone. You will need to craft a bed in a carpenter's workshop, then Ui b.pngbUi bf.pngfUi bfb.pngb to build it. Dwarves will not sleep in beds which have been produced in a workshop until they are placed via the build menu. You can designate a bedroom from the Ui z.pngzone menu before or after building the bed. If you build the beds first, however, you can use the nifty Multi option to auto-designate individual bedrooms from a large selected area, each room must contain a bed and enclosed with a door.

To remove a bedroom, enter Ui z.pngzone mode and select it, then click "Remove this zone permanently".

A dwarf with no bedroom will automatically claim an unowned bedroom upon sleeping in it. The player can also manually assign bedrooms or change the ownership from one dwarf to another. Married couples have joint ownership of a single bedroom and sleep in the same bed; babies will also share a bedroom with their mother until they grow into children. Assigning a dwarf a new bedroom will NOT un-assign them from their old bedroom(s); if you want them to only have one bedroom, you'll need to track down their old bedroom and un-assign it.

Other furniture[edit]

Other pieces of furniture placed in the zone (such as cabinets and coffers) are usable by the dwarf that owns the bedroom. Owning furniture (especially high-quality furniture) gives dwarves happy thoughts, and cabinets and coffers give them a place to store their possessions.

Who will sleep where[edit]

Military dwarves can sleep in the barracks assigned to their squad, if the option is toggled on said barracks. Dwarves with the hunting labor enabled will sleep anywhere.

Design tips[edit]

A true dwarf does not care for pretty designs or "privacy". For a dwarf, a bedroom is a hole where he dumps his body for rest and his useless crap for storage, to never touch again.
Main article: Bedroom design

The living quarters of a fortress can take up a very large area, and since there will be constant traffic of dwarves going to and from their bedrooms, it is important to put some thought into the placement of the bedrooms. Simply making a long hall with rooms branching off from it is a simple method, but dwarves living at the end of the hall will have to travel a long time, and there will be a lot of dwarves bumping into each other at the entrance of the hall. Making multilevel living complexes can dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes for dwarves to travel to their bedrooms.

There is no need to build massive palaces for the average dwarf. They will get happy thoughts just from having a bedroom to claim as their own, though bigger and shinier ones will make them happier. Three tiles gives enough room for a bed, a cabinet, and a chest, everything a dwarf needs. These pieces of furniture do not block movement.

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