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Bone meal

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This article is about the current version of DF.
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It's like cocaine for plants.

Bone meal is the resulting powder one winds up with after grinding up bones.

Fortress Mode[edit]

At present, bone meal cannot be acquired in fortress mode. The only sign of its existence is the custom food stockpile option for bone meal that does not actually do anything except confuse the occasional wayward player; perhaps that is how you ended up at this page in the first place. Actual ingame bonemeal isn't stockpiled properly, unless you mod bones to have token POWDER_MISC_CREATURE.

However, Toady has suggested that it may eventually be used as a fertilization component, much like potash. Producing it in a future version of Dwarf Fortress would be simplicity itself: simply mill leftover bones at a millstone or quern.

Adventure Mode[edit]

Bone meal frequently appears in night troll lairs and minotaur labyrinths in adventurer mode. It currently has no use and appears to be nothing more than a prop. Although obviously made of bone, [BONECARN] creatures have never yet been observed consuming it.

Real Life[edit]

In reality, bone meal is made by grinding animal bones into a powder and is used as a fertilizer for plants and as a nutritional supplement for animals.

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