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Category:V0.34:Building destroyer

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This category contains pages about an older version of DF.

Creatures with the BUILDINGDESTROYER token will actively seek out various furnishings, workshops and other buildings and topple or destroy them. They come in two varieties, the first being annoying, and the second dangerous. Buildings made from raw materials will be toppled, leaving the materials on the ground, while buildings made from furniture will be destroyed, not leaving behind any items.

Creatures with this tag are gifted with an incredible ability to sense exactly where your buildings are, and will generally charge a building from 10 tiles away, with the exception of forgotten beasts and (semi-)megabeasts. Plan your defenses accordingly. Building destroyers still prefer to attack creatures, and if a valid creature target for their aggression is or becomes visible to them, they will abandon building destruction in favor of classic creature destruction.

The time it takes for a building destroyer to destroy a building depends on the quality of the the building. Artifact quality furniture can never be damaged or destroyed, but some kinds of artifact furniture will be deconstructed by a building destroyer, given enough time: for instance, artifact statues will eventually be deconstructed; artifact hatch covers never will.

Building destroyers will destroy nearly all types of buildings they can reach, whether or not they block their path - doors, floodgates, hatch covers, vertical/horizontal bars, floor/wall grates, statues, workshops, and even furniture are vulnerable. The only buildings that will be spared by a building destroyer are wells, bridges, roads, traps (including levers and track stops), animal traps, chains, cages, stockpiles, and upright weapons. They can destroy most furniture and buildings from a lower z-level when a valid path exists to that furniture, though locked hatches and closed grates are safe as long as no alternative paths exist. Building destroyers will path to and destroy even opened (or stuck open) doors, hatches, floodgates, or vertical bars. They will cause damage to any attached mechanisms during building destruction, sometimes leading to the unlinking of furniture to a lever before the furniture in question is fully destroyed.