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This article is about the current version of DF.
"Gica Seasonpanther" was a force which was said to permeate The Mellow Silky-Forests. Gica was associated with rivers and nature. (post)

A force is an abstract entity that generally acts as the equivalent of deities for elves. Elves do not worship deities, but believe in a single force that permeates the forests. Forces are generally associated with nature-related spheres, such as rivers.

Forces (much like deities) do not interact very much with the world in the current version. Elves pray to forces, and sometimes write books about them as a way to glorify them. This may result in a single force having literally hundreds of books authored after them. Interestingly, elves that were turned into night trolls will continue worshipping forces and writing books about them from their lairs.