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This article is about the current version of DF.

An office (called a study in some game menus) is a room required by certain nobles and administrators. Some higher-ranking nobles require a "throne room" - the same thing, just fancier. These can simply be designated from a throne or chair using q, and do not (necessarily) have to be a separate enclosed space separated from other areas by walls and a door.

Note that if you assign an office to a dwarf, sometimes they will eat a meal in their office and complain about the lack of tables - to avoid this thought, put a table next to the chair in said office.

Reducing Office Space[edit]

A "meager office" can consist of a 1-tile-diameter area designated from a single chair as a study/office, and assigned to a particular dwarf. You will probably first encounter this need in the bookkeeper or the manager - assigning one of the chairs in the dining room for them is perfectly acceptable.

If you put a table next to the office chair and assign it to be a dining room, both rooms will be used like they are supposed to - however, overlapping rooms drop considerably in value rating, making it harder to meet demands by higher-ranking nobles. While this can be countered with high-value furniture (artifacts are very helpful), actual individual areas, designated separately from other areas (whether or not separated by walls) are the easier way to meet demands.