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This article is about the current version of DF.
MOD This page includes mods. The content is not part of normal DF as released. Changing game files can sometimes cause unexpected results, and should always be done with care and caution.

Community Mod List[edit]

A more complete list of mods (compared to this one) on the Bay 12 forum. The list includes updated links to a multitude of mods, utilities and modding utilities. All featured mods are catered for version 40.01 and up, though some of them might be outdated, and not work with the current version. There also exists links to threads of similar function for the older versions.

The list does not, however, encompass all up-to-date mods published on the forum, for that one has to search through the Mod Releases board, or even the Dwarf Fortress File Depot, the site where nigh all uploaded mods are stored.

Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom[edit]

Current version: 0.5.5 for DF Version 0.44


Author: IndigoFenix
Type: Total Conversion
Summary: A total conversion mod that gives the game the setting of the Mario game world, but in which these games, and Mario himself, are simply legends. This mod can be played on its own without any vanilla raws, or be mixed in to create a world where Dwarves and Koopas, Goblins and Shy Guys, live side by side.

The mod includes three playable races in fortress mode (Toads, Koopas, and Shy Guys), 15+ minor non-playable races, power-ups, cooking recipes, new materials, 120+ creatures and monsters, a few mega beasts, and more.

Forum thread
Download (0.44)

Modest Mod[edit]

Current version: 0.47.03-1 for DF Version 0.47+
Legacy version: 0.42.06-1 for DF Version 0.42
Legacy version: 2.1 for DF Version 0.34.11


Creator: Igfig
Updater: LargeSnail
Type: Modpack
Summary: The Modest Mod is a collection of vital bugfixes and tweaks that everyone should be able to use comfortably and without reservation. This mod doesn't add anything new. It doesn't do anything controversial. It's just like vanilla DF, but a little better. French vanilla.

See forum thread for the list of changes.

Modest Mod is compatible with 'some' tilesets. (Be sure to install Modest Mod after the graphics pack.)

Download (ASCII-compatible)
Forum thread

Masterwork Dwarf Fortress (MDF)[edit]

Current version: V1.30 for DF Version 0.43.05
Legacy version: v1.31 for DF Version 0.34.11


Author: Meph
Type: Modpack
Summary: A massive modpack containing the best of the greatest mods, as well as fully configurable settings, with +100 options, as well as a wealth of new content, including: +45 buildings, +850 creatures, +160 plants, +120 trees, +25 instruments, +85 toys, +85 food types, +75 weapons and armor, +75 engravings, +250 pref-strings, +30 civs, and more!

Masterwork provides texture pack support for Phoebus, Ironhand and ASCII tilesets, and has a fully integrated Fortress Defense II, as well as configurable creature settings.

Note:The 42.06 version doesn't have all the feature of legacy, but it is being rapidly updated. - Masterwork DF is now available for Dwarf Fortress version 44.12.

Download: v1.3 v0.34
Masterwork Mod Wiki
Bay12 sub-forum

vilous Mod[edit]

Current version: 1.3 for DF Version 0.42.xx


Author: Skie, Chronojiuj, Vellarain, Darklord92
Type: Major
Summary:For fans of the World of Vilous setting created by Mick39. For those who have just found this mod; This mod introduces several new races and wildlife into the game from the fantasy setting Vilous.


  • sergal race
  • Nevrean race
  • Talyxian race
  • Agundner race
  • Assorted Tal wildlife
  • New items

all of which come in packs that can be included or left out for different configurations of the mod.


OldGenesis Mod[edit]

Current version: 0.44.12 (July 2018) for DF Version 0.44.12


Author: Deon
Maintainer and contributor: TomiTapio
Type: Total Conversion
- Three graphical versions (ASCII, Ironhand, Phoebus)
- Adventure mode crafting and spells
- 10 dwarven castes, including learning-disability Domple Dwarves (they're good with animals).
- 16 races/subraces
- cool real-world minerals like fluorspar, biotite(dark iron-rich mica), migmatite(gorgeous), hornfels, greenstone, elvan, zeolite, syenite, scoria, pumice(porous volcanic), augite, azurite, corundum, sphene, barite, pegmatite.
Pink marble, pure marble, black marble[bitumin-darkened limestone], rapagranite(circular patterns granite), pentlandite ore (iron and nickel).
- 50+ new items, weapons, toys. You need oil lamps and shaman rings to build certain workshops.
- Reworked plants and trees, many new plants and trees were added.
- Evil and good biomes have more diverse plantlife/trees.
- Different trees have different value of wood. Value 1 for charcoal, value 2 and 3 for furniture and wooden weapons.
- Metalworking is reworked; many new alloys and metal types; magical metals; alchemy.
- Dozens of new workshops, including an Altar of War and Altar of Nature.
- Material and tissue overhaul; combat is deadlier and more realistic. Crossbow bolt to toe: don't faint from pain.
- Many tiers of leather. Small critters provide barely usable suede while megabeasts grant you deephide which is almost as good as metal. The leather tiers are: suede/leather/hide/mythskin/deephide.
- Caverns have visually noticeable difference in plants and critters; no longer will caverns 1 look the same as caverns 2 or caverns 3.
- Bogeymen disabled in worldgen init file, for better adventuring.
Forum Thread Forum post when 0.43.05 version
Download Ironhand Download Phoebus Download ascii