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This article is about the current version of DF.
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For the background setting when creating an adventurer, see Adventurer mode character creation.
A tavern screen, showing dwarves with Tavern keeper and Performer occupations assigned. Additional citizens can be assigned to either position.

Occupations are positions in certain locations that can be assigned to dwarves. To assign a dwarf to an occupation, select the zone (either via Ui z.pngz zones and selecting the the zone, or from the Ui P.pngP place information menu ) and then view the locations details with Ui location details.png. You will see a list of available occupations in that location, and can assign or remove dwarves. In the selection menu, dwarves will be ordered by skills relevant to that occupation. You can assign multiple dwarves with the same occupation at a location.


Name Labor or function Location
Doctor Diagnosis, surgery, and setting bones. Hospital
Diagnostician Diagnosis Hospital
Surgeon Surgery Hospital
Bone doctor Setting bones Hospital
Messenger Allows you to interact with your hillocks and conquered sites. None (your holdings)
Performer Dance, recite poetry, sing, or play music to entertain other dwarves. Tavern, Temple
Scholar Serve as the great thinkers (aside from you of course) of your fort. Library
Scribe Make copies of scrolls, quires, and books. Library
Tavern keeper Serve drinks to visitors in tavern locations. Tavern