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This article is about the current version of DF.

Occupations are positions which are assigned to certain locations. They are assigned by selecting a dwarf from the "Assign occupations" menu which can be found by pressing l, scrolling to the desired location's information screen, and pressing Enter. There can be more than one occupation assigned per location.


Main Article: Performer

Performers are dwarfs who dance, recite poetry, sing or play music, to entertain other dwarfs. The performer occupation can be assigned to both the tavern and temple locations.


Main Article: Scholar

Scholars can be assigned to the library location and serve as the great thinkers of your fort (aside from you of course).


Main Article: Scribe


Main Article: Messenger

Messengers are assigned at your site. They allow you to interact with your hillocks and conquered sites.

Tavern Keepers[edit]

Main Article: Tavern keeper

Dwarfs assigned this occupation will serve drinks to visitors in tavern locations.