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Tanner's shop

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Tanner's shop

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A tanner's shop is used to make leather from a butchered animal skin and parchment from animal skin with milk of limev0.42.01. A tanner's shop is operated by any dwarf with the 'tanning' labor enabled. Each butchering job yields a single hide, and each unrotten hide yields one piece of leather - regardless of whether the animal is a kitten or an elephantBug:3732.


Tanner's Shop

  • t Tan a hide.
  • p Make parchment.


  • The 'tan a hide' job is automatically triggered after the game notices that there is a skin to be tanned within a certain distance of the tanner's shop. The player can turn off this behaviour by going into the orders menu, choosing Workshop Orders, and then turning Auto tan off.
  • If you have turned Auto Tan off, your manager (units, manager) can manually queue "Tan a Hide" jobs. This is also useful if for some reason Auto Tan ignores a skin.
  • A butchered animal will drop a skin that will be turned into multiple pieces of leather based on the animal's size. A cow gives 2 leather, whereas a giant elephant gives 10 leather per animal.
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