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I used to play 40d back in 2008 without much success. Maybe that version was a bit too hardcore for me. There were no DwarfTherapist at the time, and Mayday's graphic set was considered a blessing. My forts population had never exceeded 12 dwarfs so at some point I gave up. Adventure mode wasn't very playable at that time, too.

Then in 2013 I tried DF2012 and found it much more playable. I began with Quickstart guide and suddenly found my fort grown to 59 dwarfs in 1.5 years, so I started taking notes.

ToDo Fortress Mode[edit]

  • Test at least one "DF streamlined" mod:
    • Modest Mod
    • Essential DF
    • Accelerated DF
    • Accelerated Modest Mod?
  • Test Broken Arrow mod.
  • Test Nanofortress?
  • Test Seasonal Crops.
  • Store all mods in a Git repository.
    • Get used to merging mods/graphics with it.
      • Automate merging even more.
    • Upload it to GitHub.
  • Make an own DF streamlined + balance mod!
    • Use it for a succession game.
  • Play at least one long game without graphics:
    • CLA
    • Taffer
  • Come up with a robust way to minimize micromanagement.
  • Look into magma infrastructure.
  • Look into mechanisms.
  • Look into minecarts.
  • Look into computation.
    • Make Turing complete machine.
      • Make von Neumann Turing complete machine.
        • Make it fast enough to compute k-th sign of \pi in a year.
          • Make it fast enough to compute k-th sign of \pi in a month.
        • Make a digital display and some animations. Maybe digital calendar.
          • Add an input and a bunch of games!
  • Grow a fortress from Outpost to Hamlet.
    • ... to Village.
      • ... to Town.
        • ... to City.
          • ... to Metropolis.
            • ... to Mountainhome.
  • Make a fortress to become a Barony capital.
    • ... County capital.
      • ... Duchy capital.
        • ... Mountainhome.
  • Play a fun succession game.
    • ... again.
  • Create an own succession game.
  • Create a successful succession game! (10+ overseers and some fun too)
  • Succeed in a challenge game:
    • Surface castle
    • No pause!
  • Architectural challenge:
    • Only circular rooms
    • Some fractal design

ToDo Adventurer Mode[edit]

  • Not die for 1 ingame year as hero.
    • ... for 5 ingame years as hero.
      • ... for 10 ingame years as hero.
        • ... for 20 ingame years as hero.
          • ... for 40 ingame years as hero.
        • ... for 10 ingame years as peasant.
  • Kill a forgotten beast.
  • Kill a semi-megabeast.
  • Kill a megabeast.
  • Kill something else noteworthy.
  • Visit an own fort in adventurer mode.
    • Not get killed by defenses.
      • And steal some artifact weapon/armor.
  • Play at least one long game without graphics:
    • CLA
    • Taffer
  • Test vanilla adventurer mode.
  • Test Broken Arrow mod.
  • Test Modest Mod or such (new reactions etc).
  • Make an own streamlined/balance mod for adventurer mode.
  • Play an epic adventurer succession game.
  • Succeed in a challenge game:
    • ??? any ideas guys?