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[edit] Ilirlogem, "Joyouspaint"

[edit] Embark

I generated a world with default parameters (medium everything, sparse minerals). I found a good embark location as Quickstart guide suggested. I used the following starting build:

The party embarked on the 1st of Granite, 252 (I've abandoned some test fortresses before).

[edit] General notes so far

0. Greaves do not provide nudity coverage!!! This caused all of my melee squad (6 hammerdwarves) to became very unhappy, and squad leader knocked somebody's teeth out in tantrum. I've changed uniforms to include trousers/leggings immediately. Also, the aforesaid teeth cluttered butchery stockpile and stops butcher from working. =) I probably need a DAS to handle this.

1. Fortification depressurizes water, which means it propagates quite slow. Designing 1-tile wide water pipe "entrance" may lead to enormous cistern filling time, especially if the water pipe is long. Mine was filling more than half a year. One may want to make the entrance wider to increase flow.

Ilirlogem water pipe.png

2. Animal scales provide good defense against wooden bolts. This makes shooting e.g. pangolins with wooden bolts an easy way to train Marksdwarf skill.

Ilirlogem 255 marksdwarves.png

3. Vanilla marksdwarves pwn are overpowered a little. Nerfing this with mods (Broken Arrow) may be a good idea.

[edit] Layout

I was too lazy to setup QuickFort, so I came up with a layout which is easy to designate in vanilla game. It is a tesselation with 11x11 room squares, 3x3 stairway squares and 1-tile wide corridors between them. It can be easily designated with Shift + . 11x11 room space can be used entirely for a stockpile, or as 9x9 walled room, two 9x4 walled rooms, four 4x4 walled rooms, twelve 3x1 bedrooms or any possible combinations of these.

Ilirlogem layout pattern.png
Ilirlogem 255 z-1.png
Ilirlogem 255 z-2.png
Ilirlogem 255 z-9.png

[edit] 253, early autumn

The fortress had 4 waves of immigration so far, of 5, 4, 26 and 15 dwarves correspondingly. 2 babies were born internally so far. The current population is 59 (= 51 adults, 6 children and 2 babies). The fortress have traded with dwarven, elven and human caravans, once with each. The current status looks like this:

Ilirlogem 253 status.png

[edit] 255, mid-spring

Population has been grown enormously (175 dwarves = 131 adults + 17 children + 27 babies). I do not know how to occupy them all (78 idlers just now). I withstood a goblin siege and a number of ambushes (marksdwarves did most of the work). Lost one melee recruit and, unfortunately, her baby. Set up offhand hospital. Have built a wall with fortifications on top around main entrance.

Ilirlogem 255 status.png
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