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This article is about an older version of DF.

Dwarves that are part of a squad that is not currently ordered into "combat mode" (kill {monster}/station {location}) will now "Train" when they have nothing else to do. If there is no one else to train with a Dwarf will initiate an "Individual Combat Drill". (Soldiers with "self-motivated" in their personality will often initiate Individual Combat Drills when inactive as well.) In order for this to happen you must have either a Barracks (zoned from a bed/cabinet) or an Armory (zoned from a Weapon rack/Armor stand) and set it to "train" mode (using t).

By default, all squads are set to 'Active/Train' alert, in which they are assigned to train the entire year. To change this, go to alert screen (m a), select the new alert you want to set, then use right arrow to switch to squad listing and press enter to change the alert for the highlighted squad. Alternatively, you can use s from the game main menu, then select the squad you want to edit via its assigned letter, and repeatedly press t to cycle through the alerts.

While equipped with a weapon, practice in Shield user and Dodging will occur magnitudes slower, if at all. If you are trying to practice skills for survival, it may be a good idea to drill with no weapon at all for a while.

Successful sparring will generate combat log reports, showing the S flag in main view for new sparring reports (similar to hunting reports). v0.31.12

If your military is standing around only doing Individual Combat Drills, double-check the steps above and ensure that you have a barracks set to train, you have a training schedule set up, and the squad is set to follow that schedule in the alert screen (m a).