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This article is about an older version of DF.

Eggs are laid by creatures with the LAYS_EGGS token. This includes ordinary fowl and reptiles, and also some more exotic creatures such as giant eagles, dragons, kobolds, and many others. Eggs can be used by dwarves as food, or they can be hatched.

Egg laying animals will claim an empty Nest box if one is available.

Males can also be modded to lay eggs successfully, although these may not hatch.Needs clarification

Hatching Conditions[edit]

Hatching eggs requires that a male of the species be present (though this does not appear to guarantee fertilization) and that the dwarves are prevented from cooking the egg before it hatches. Also, if the egg is taken out of the nest box but not cooked, it will not hatch.

If the creature is part of an actual civilization, then the egg-laying female must also be married in order for her eggs to be fertilized.

In short, egg fertilization has the same conditions as normal impregnation in the game.

Egg Composition[edit]

It appears from tests that the material an egg is made out of is actually the shell; this includes meals made from the eggs.

Egg Production[edit]

Fortresses can set up egg production as a source of food. This requires at least one adult, tame, female egg-laying animal, a built unclaimed nest box, food hauling, and cooking.