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This article is about an older version of DF.

Experience represents how much a certain dwarf (or other intelligent creature) has learned about a certain subject or profession. It affects proficiency in skills. Precise points in experience are never displayed directly, except in Adventurer mode.

Every experience point earned is associated with a skill. Every time a dwarf uses this skill, experience is gained. When a skill is unused for a while, the skill will become rusty and experience will decrease, eventually permanently.

Most skills give 30 XP per use, smoothing, engraving and mining give 10 XP per use, and military skills are variable, with more XP gained from real combat than from training.

A more skilled dwarf will do work better and faster than an unskilled one. The better work results in higher quality items. The speed of work is most notable in legendary miners, who will barely touch the walls to make them crumble.

Lvl Title XP
0 Dabbling 1
1 Novice 500
2 Adequate 1100
3 Competent 1800
4 Skilled 2600
5 Proficient * 3500
6 Talented 4500
Lvl Title XP
7 Adept 5600
8 Expert 6800
9 Professional 8100
10 Accomplished 9500
11 Great † 11000
12 Master 12600
13 High Master 14300
Lvl Title XP
14 Grand Master 16100
15 Legendary 18000
16 Legendary+1 ‡ 20000
17 Legendary+2 ‡ 22100
18 Legendary+3 ‡ 24300
19 Legendary+4 ‡ 26600
20 Legendary+5 ‡ 29000
* This is the highest skill level possible for one of your starting dwarves.
† Once soldiers reach this level in a weapon skill, they will become a hero and no longer complain about long patrol duty.
‡ These levels are not shown in game, but they do have an effect. An ordinary legendary dwarf produces a significant proportion of superior quality goods while a legendary+5 dwarf is guaranteed at least exceptional quality, barring effects like tiredness and hunger. It seems to be possible to have a skill over Legendary+5, at least in adventure mode. This is clearly seen by looking at the experience required for the next level and comparing how much you level up. The easiest way to see this is to remove your weapon, choose not to dodge or move around, and simply wait while something harmless tries to kill you. Tested in version 31.10, probably unchanged since then.[Verify]