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This article is about an older version of DF.
You may be looking for Dwarf fortress mode.

Dwarves live in fortresses — usually underground complexes with all the required buildings for dwarven living.

[edit] Nomenclature

Fortresses are named in a specific manner. The name is usually assigned at random, but can be set at embark time. They also gain a title according to their population. This title is viewable in the upper left of the z screen, in front of the fortress name.

In addition, the fort may be the home of monarchs of the surrounding land and gain an additional title.

Each fortress title requires a certain population as well as performing a number of "diverse tasks" over the course of one year with the Autumn caravan safely making it home - crafting, metal, wood, gem, stone, and food-related jobs. For example, to become a Town, you must perform 4 of the following: 25 crafting jobs, 25 metal-related jobs, 25 wood-related jobs, 10 gem jobs, 25 stone jobs, 25 food jobs.

Unlike in earlier versions, the appointment of land holders is not linked to your fortress rank; however, your fortress must attain a rank of Metropolis before you will be eligible to summon your monarch.

Title Pop Jobs
Ω Outpost - None
Ω Hamlet 20 3 of 10/10/10/4/10/10
Ω Village 50 3 of 15/15/15/6/15/15
Ω Town 80 4 of 25/25/25/10/25/25
Ω City 110 4 of 35/35/35/14/35/35
Ω Metropolis 140 5 of 50/50/50/20/50/50
Dwarf.png Mountainhome King Special
Noble Title
Dwarf.png Barony capital
Dwarf.png County capital
Dwarf.png Duchy capital
Dwarf.png Mountainhome
  • Home of the King/Queen
  • Capital of its civilization
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