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I am not sure if it is appropriate to label this page as a Quicktart Guide.

It starts out by stating that it is presenting advanced (or at least useful) information that is not appropriate for the main article on the subject because it is not necessary. This means it is an excelent choice for a howto, but at the same time it is the exact opposite of a Quickstart guide.

When people hear Quickstart, they expect the information they need to get started quickly. i.e. The required information has to be there.

Just my two cents. :-) If the overall opinion of the community differs from mine, that is cool. ^_^ I didn't create the page after all. Burlingk 01:04, 3 November 2011 (UTC)

I agree with your logic. This info used to be in the main Guide, but was moved to its own page to streamline the Guide. The main reason I see to leave it as-is would be that it makes sense at the stage of the game one is at when following the Guide. That, and it is sort of basic stuff. I'm open to moving it, though. Vitriolum