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This article is about an older version of DF.

Flying creatures (those with the FLIER creature tag) are capable of moving (and remaining) in open space tiles, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Flying creatures can prove challenging since they may be able to bypass some of your fortress's traps and defenses, and render others (such as pit traps) completely ineffective.

Flying creatures can spawn on air tiles at the edge of the map - unlike ground creatures, they do not need a floor to spawn on. This renders raised drawbridges at ground level useless against the spawning of fliers at an embark zone.

However, it is possible to block off every edge tile at every Z-level by using these raised drawbridges. This prevents fliers from spawning altogether (although it also prevents existing fliers from leaving the map).


  • Due to an apparent bug, flying creatures must be able to path to their target without flying. However when actually moving to the target they will take the most direct route (flying).
  • Flying creatures can "exchange tiles" with non-flying creatures, leaving the non-flier stranded somewhere normally unreachable. Flying pets, particularly, should be pastured somewhere safe to prevent such problems.