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v0.34:Wood cutter

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Skill: Wood Cutter
Profession Woodworker
Job Title Woodcutter
Labor Wood cutting
  • Chop down trees
  • None, but needs axe
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Endurance
  • Willpower
  • Spatial Sense
  • Kinesthetic Sense
This article is about an older version of DF.

Wood cutters cut down trees to create wood logs, which are used by Carpenters, Wood burners, Wood crafters, (etc...) for various products. A Dwarf must be assigned the Wood Cutting labor, must have an axe readily available, and an area of trees to be cut must be designated, in order to successfully collect wood logs.

Assignment of labor and designation of trees to be cut[edit]

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View of a Woodcutter chopping down a designated tree (Note that highlighted trees indicate they are designated to be cut)

To assign a Dwarf the Wood Cutting labor, access the labor screen by viewing the dwarf, then select preferences and labor. Use + and - to move the cursor up and down to highlight the Wood Cutting labor.

To designate an area of trees to be cut down: In the map screen, select d to activate the designate menu. If you are viewing an area above ground the designate menu will default to t (trees). Using standard grid designation (creating a rectangle), pick a tile and press Enter to select one corner of a rectangle, then pick a second tile and press Enter again to mark the other corner. Any trees within the rectangle will then be cut down. This also works across Z-levels, allowing 3-dimensional designations in the shape of a cuboid. (You can also use the mouse to select trees to be cut down.)


You must have an available axe for your Wood Cutter to use. Once an area containing trees is designated, the Wood Cutter will fetch an axe and begin cutting the trees down (provided, of course, that he is full, rested, and appropriately inebriated, and properly motivated).

  • The quality or material of the axe appears to have no effect on any aspect of wood cutting - a no-quality copper axe is the same as a masterwork steel, adamantine or even wooden training axe. (The same is not true for axes in combat.)
  • Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to assign woodcutters the same axe to use in the military as to use in civilian labor.Bug:1451


  • Woodcutting is one of the exclusionary skills along with mining, such that you cannot have both labors active at the same time.
  • Skill: Increased skill makes cutting down trees faster.
  • Immigrants: Any immigrant that arrives with the wood cutting labor enabled will be carrying an axe.
  • To quickly accumulate logs, be sure to deselect wood hauling from the assigned labors of your Wood Cutter, so the cutter can focus on cutting the trees down, while another Dwarf can haul the logs to your stockpile.


D4Dwarf.png This article or section has been rated D for Dwarf. It may include witty humour, not-so-witty humour, bad humour, in-jokes, pop culture references, and references to the Bay12 forums. Don't believe everything you read, and if you miss some of the references, don't worry. It was inevitable.

Wood Cutters often engage in competitive singing while whacking away at their arboreal nemeses, such that raucous renditions of the perpetually popular tune "I am a lumberjack and I'm OK" can be heard echoing throughout the timbered valleys near their homes. Unfortunately, this singing is fairly detrimental to overall harvesting productivity, as by the time most singers lay in to the third verse, they have either convulsed into blithering (and debilitating) laughter, or they have run off to taunt the elves with their massive tooth picks whilst wearing their best cross dressing outfits (see next). Sadly, Wood cutters often fall victim to raiding Goblins, as their cacophonous signing leads the Goblins strait to them just as they are in a state of vocal euphoria, and are thus easy prey for the grimy goblins. Some Dwarves have been known to carry on their person very large toothpicks, with which they clean their rather massive incisors. These toothpicks are crafted by the woodcutters (in their off hours), sometimes using an entire tree to manufacture a single pick. Wood cutters take significant pride in the size of their toothpicks, which, in a pinch, can often double for poles used in pole vaulting contests,(another popular Dwarven pass time, usually called the 'Pole-Toss'). Thus the origin of the phrase's "Go toss your pole" and "Is that a lumberjack's toothpick in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" are explained.

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