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This article is about an older version of DF.

The Stocks screen, accessible via the Status screen once the Bookkeeper arrives, is a careful record of your fort's entire inventory.


The Stocks screen displays a list of product categories on the left side. Next to those categories is the total number of objects you have that fit within that category.


On the right side of the screen is an inventory display having two modes. The default mode is a compacted view which lists objects by type and total number. It is handy to get a general idea of the number of goods you have available. The second mode is a detailed view which lists each individual object* in your fort. This display is useful for selecting individual items to melt or chasm. To toggle between either of the two modes, press Tab.

:(* or individual stack of objects, in the case of ammo or food)

In the detailed mode, the item's text is color coded.

Color Code[edit]

BROWN These items were produced by the fortress (or obtained and then decorated there). Items previously worn by historical figures also appear like this, despite not having been created locally.
LGRAY These items are owned but were not produced at fort (Obtained via trading or enemies; see Created wealth)
MAGENTA Currently forbidden
RED Restricted (items currently equipped by traders, diplomats, or invaders)
DGRAY Destroyed or lost (artifacts only)
The colors shown reflect the default color scheme.

See also: Item designations.