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23a:Tile attributes

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This article is about an older version of DF.

Every tile in Dwarf Fortress is internally tracked as being Outside or Inside, Light or Dark, and Above Ground or Subterranean. Unlike in later versions, these keywords cannot be observed from the k cursor, but they still exist in the following 4 combinations:

  1. Outside Light Above Ground - Outdoor tiles
  2. Inside Light Above Ground - Buildings in Adventurer mode
  3. Inside Light Subterranean - Indoor tiles before the cave river
  4. Inside Dark Subterranean - Indoor tiles beyond the cave river

The only observable effect of these attributes is how they interact with cave adaptation - spending time in a Dark tile makes the unit more cave-adapted, and spending time in an Outside tile (while it's not raining or snowing) makes the unit vomit (and also reduces its cave adaptation).