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This article is about an older version of DF.

The tokens for armor, gloves, shoes, shields, helms, and pants. Usage column gives information on where use of the token might be restricted to. See the talk page for details on how material tokens influence randomly generated equipped items.

Token Arguments Usage Description

omitted - clothing
1 - leather
2 - chain
3 - plate

All What category this item falls under. Lack of this tag makes this item clothes level. For shields, level 1 is Buckler and level 2 is Shield.
BARRED All Can be crafted out of bone. Randomly generated equipped armor will never be made out of bone.
BLOCKCHANCE value item_shield Affects the block chance of the shield.


How much damage the item blocks when that body part is struck.
CHAIN_METAL item_pants Metal versions of this item will have "chain" added between the material and item name.
COVERAGE value All Coverage influences how often contaminants get through clothes and temperature effects
HARD All Item does not wear when worn. Opposite of [SOFT]. No tag defaults to [HARD].
LAYER UNDER, OVER, ARMOR, COVER All How this item is layered.
LAYER_SIZE value All What the size of this item in question is, when it is put on. See Armor for more on item sizes and layering.
LAYER_PERMIT value All The maximum number of items allowed on that body slot. If the body slot's layer value is over this, no more of this item can be put on. See Armor for more on item sizes and layering.
LBSTEP value or MAX


How many steps down the armor protects. Torso armor has this at 1, most leg armor has this at MAX.
LEATHER All Item can be made from leather. Randomly generated equipped armor with [LEATHER] will not be made of cloth, unless [SOFT] is also present.
MAINBLOCK value item_armor Only used when defining chest slot armor. Affects the item's primary block value.
MATERIAL_SIZE value All How much material is needed to make the item. Most important with bars. The number of bars required to make the item is the value divided by three.
MATERIAL_PLACEHOLDER <phrase> item_armor


This sets a word to be used in-game instead of a material type, currently only appears on leather armor e.g. steel full plate becomes <phrase> full plate.
METAL All Item can be made with metal. Randomly generated equipped armor will always be made out of metal whenever possible.


Metal versions of this item count as one ARMORLEVEL higher.
NAME singular:plural All What this item will be called ingame.
PREPLURAL <phrase> of


Changes the plural form of this item to "<phrase of> item". Primarily pertains to the stock screens. Example, "suits of" platemail, "pairs of" trousers, etc.
SCALED All Can be crafted from shell. Randomly generated equipped armor will never be made of shell.
SECONDBLOCK value item_armor Tag only present for chest armors. Affects secondary block value, that is, the block value for parts protected only thanks to UB/LBSTEP rather than by being the main part(like the torso)
SHAPED All Only one shaped piece of clothing can be worn on a single body slot at a time.
SOFT All Item can wear when worn. Opposite of [HARD]. Randomly generated equipped armor will have an equal probability of being made of leather or cloth, when this token is present and [METAL] is absent.
UBSTEP value, MAX item_armor How many steps up away from upper body the armor protects. Only present on torso armor. Coats/shirts/cloaks have it at MAX; Plate/chain/leather armors and togas/dresses/robes have it at 1; Tunics/capes/vests have it at 0
UPSTEP value, MAX item_gloves


Item protects body parts a step up from where it is. Example, bucklers with an upstep of one, protect the lower arm, but should also protect the upper arm. Unknown what MAX does. Chausses have an upstep of this value.
VALUE value All Value multiplier of the item. It will be multiplied by item quality and material.
WEIGHT value All How much the item weighs.