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Skills used
  • Clean
This article is about an older version of DF.

Cleaning is a labor that allows your dwarves to take cleaning jobs.

Cleaning jobs remove blood, ichor, vomit[Verify], stagnant water (removed from aquariums or spilled from dropped buckets), and rubble (from used bolts and ammunition) from the floor and walls of your fortress. Cleaning will not move corpses, body parts, or dead vermin; those tasks require the refuse hauling labor. Cleaning has no effect on miasma, which will naturally dissipate over time.

Dwarves will only clean subterranean areas of the fortress, as above ground areas will clean automatically at the turn of every season or with rain.

A dwarf who decides to clean will stand on the space to be cleaned for a moment, and that tile and all adjacent tiles will be cleaned.

While cleaning must be activated in the labor preferences, it does not raise any skill, nor does cleaning rely on any skill to determine the speed or effectiveness with which it is done.