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Profession Stoneworker
Job Title Mason
Labor Masonry

Mason's workshop

This article is about an older version of DF.

Masons are responsible for creating furniture and other objects out of stone in a mason's workshop. Masonry is also required for building constructions (walls, floors, etc.) out of stone, stone blocks or glass blocks, and soap.

Task labor needed experience granted skill affects quality skill affects speed
Working in a mason's workshop yes yes yes yes
Building designed constructions made from stone or glass (trade depots, archery targets, supports, etc.) yes yes yes noVerify
Building paved roads no yes noVerify noVerify
Building other constructions made from stone or glass (walls, stairs, etc.) yes no no no

As stone is plentiful early on in almost any fort, and the tables, chairs, and doors a mason can build are immediately desirable, bringing a mason along is a sensible choice for most starting builds.