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This article is about an older version of DF.

If you're attempting to play DF on a laptop, you may have noticed that your + and - keys don't seem to work. This is because DF is asking for the keys on the numpad, not the ones squeezed between 0 and backspace. There are two, fairly simple, solutions:

  • Change the keybindings, the Key bindings page should help
  • Find your Fn key. This key should change the meaning of the right-hand side of your keyboard, allowing you to use it as a numpad. For example, my laptop's Fn key is on the left of the bottom row and when I hold it and press ; or / it acts like numpad - and + respectively.

If your laptop has keys for page up and page down, you can use these to move diagonally (this is most useful in adventure mode, since moving diagonally is faster than alternating moving vertical and horizontal). Other screens will also claim that the numeric keys are used for movement or navigating menus - As you probably already know, the arrow keys work fine for these.

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