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This article is about an older version of DF.

This article is intended to show the value, costs, steps required, and ultimately the profit of smelting and making something with each bar. It will be especially useful for things like determining if it would be more profitable to smelt an alloy for crafts or use it's component metals for crafts instead. This article is a stub.

Metal Steps to make Material Value * Item Value - Coal/flux cost Item Value to Break Even
Copper 1 2i - 20 10
Bronze 1 5i - 20 4
Iron 1 10i - 20 2
Pig iron 2 10i - 32 3.2
Steel 3 30i - 34 1.1333

The value of a bar of coal is 10. For the examples I've given it's assumed that you'll use 1 bar of coal to smelt the metal, and another to make something of it. I'm bad with tables and wikis in general, so excuse the weird table.