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This article is about an older version of DF.

Pregenerated worlds are worlds that have been created and uploaded for use by others, so they may skip world generation, and are independent of versionv0.27.169.33g. Seeds are numbers that tell the world generator which world to create. These are usually given for particularly good locations, or for quick generating time. Below is a list of worlds and seeds that users have made, along with any interesting locations, and parameters for world generation. Feel free to share and add to the list.

World generation changes[edit]

Versions and changed the way world generation works slightly, so seeds from earlier versions will generate different worlds; these are archived at Seed archive. Random and custom names do not affect world generation. However, modifications to your raw files before world generation could cause a different world to be generated.

Version (with the army arc work) has changed world generation again, so that seeds from earlier versions do not create the same worlds.

Version has changed world generation (cave changes) once again.

Version seems to have changed, possibly due to the new parameter options.

Downloadable worlds[edit]

Downloadable worlds are worlds which have been generated and then compressed into a single archive file for sharing over the internet. Download the file then extract the folder inside the archive into your /data/save folder in order to use it.

Zaludoram, The Future World[edit]

Download it here
Seed: 4252958254 v0.27.176.38c (2 rejects)
World size: 65x65 (Small)
Made in Dwarf Fortress v0.27.176.38c, created with a Core 2 Duo processor in Windows XP. Found using the wonderful Regional Prospector.


This is a loaded 4x7 fortress location with plenty of every major resource. Location has fairly mild cliffs, and the surroundings are Warm and Untamed Wilds.
While sufficient trees are available (a few hundred), you can expand north to make it a 5x7 area with more trees than you should ever need. There is unfortunately no extra obsidian beyond that surrounding the magma.

  • Adamantine: just southeast of the middle.
  • Magma: underground magma pool, located on layers 150-147 in the southwest corner.
  • River: a small curve of it in the lower right corner.
  • Trees: A few hundred of them.
  • Sand: Plenty of white sand.
  • Iron: Plenty of magnetite patches along with some hematite and limonite veins.
  • Flux: Plenty of chalk.
  • Fuel: Many veins of bituminous coal and lignite.
  • Bauxite: Many (20+) patches all over the place.
  • Neighboring Civs: All.

Ewèlina, The Enchanted Land[edit]

Download it here
Seed: 2736869902 v0.27.176.38c
World size: 17x17 (Pocket)

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This is a 2x3 fortress location with plenty of every major resource, located in a pocket world. It contains numerous lakes and has no cliffs.

  • Adamantine: Northwest under the rock which extrudes to the surface.
  • Magma: Volcano in the southeast corner.
  • Brook: A small curve of it in the northeast corner.
  • Trees: All over the place. If you desire more you can easily expand westwards to make a 3x3 location.
  • Sand: Heaps of red sand one z-level down.
  • Iron: Numerous limonite veins and a hematite vein not far below the surface and a patch of magnetite southeast of the volcano.
  • Flux: None. You'll have to import it.
  • Fuel: Numerous veins of bituminous coal and lignite.
  • Metals: Some native platinum, a little native aluminium, some native silver, lots of cassiterite, lots of galena, a little bismuthinite, some tetrahedrite (deep), some garnierite (deep)
  • Bauxite: None
  • Aquifier: None
  • Chasm: None
  • Neighboring Civs: All.

The Absolute Planet of Dawns[edit]

Direct download available here: The Absolute Planet of Dawns
Wold offers a wide range of fortress locations, from mountain canyons to haunted glaciers to resource-rich forests, each with (non-spoily) description and location map.

(version v0.27.169.33g, seed 2664204674, provided by Fedor)

Incredibly Resource Rich Starting Location[edit]

Embark on the magma pipe near the center, and enjoy adamantite, magma, gold, flux, and much more!

[SEED:340187300] [HISTORY_SEED:3924664033] [NAME_SEED:186848708]

Lathondur Minbaz[edit]

Direct download available here: Lathondur Minbaz. Be warned that this was created in DF v0.27.169.32a and exhibits several glitches in version 40d, such as being able to request soil/sand "stones" from Dwarven caravans and purchase them during embark.

The Legendary Ever-Realm[edit]

Download: http://hyperfileshare.com/d/f91fae26


Has pretty much every feature in a small 4x5 area.
- Magma on lower left
- Small cave river on lower left
- Edge of chasm on far upper left corner
- Pits & Adamantine on upper left
- Sand and trees on far right green tile
- Plenty of flux and iron for steel production
- Representatives of all four major rock types:
1. sedimentary - dolomite, claystone
2. igneous extrusive - andesite
3. igneous intrusive - granite, gabbro
4. metamorphic - marble, schist

Smata Sagus, The Realms Of Dawn[edit]

Download it here Seed: 324316224 v0.27.169.33g (6 rejects)
Made in Dwarf Fortress v0.27.169.33g, created with a Core 2 Duo processor in Windows XP. Found using the wonderful Regional Prospector.

Smata Sagus location.png

This is a loaded 3x6 location with basically every major resource. No chasm, cliffs are no taller than 2, surroundings are Temperate and Mirthful.
If you don't need a river, you can trim it to 3x5 by taking off the bottom edge and still get everything else.

  • Adamantine: towards the bottom left.
  • Magma: underground, located on layers 140-143.
  • River: a small curve of it in the lower right corner.
  • Trees: More than you'll ever use.
  • Sand: Yep.
  • Soil: Yep.
  • Iron: Magnetite patches near the surface, along with an occasional hematite and limonite vein.
  • Flux: More than you'll ever use.
  • Fuel: Plenty.
  • Bauxite: Several patches near the magma.
  • Obsidian: Available on the left side.
  • Neighboring Civs: All.

Ruspospazmon, The Eternal Windy Planes[edit]

Download it here
Seed: 2851906008 v0.27.169.33g (11 rejects)
Made in Dwarf Fortress v0.27.169.33g, created with a Core 2 Duo processor in WinXP. Found using the wonderful Regional Prospector.

Ruspospazmon location.png

This is a 4x3 location with most major resources. No chasm, cliffs are very tall (6-9), surroundings are Scorching and Calm. There is a small spot of aquifer, just enough to be potentially useful while still out of the way.
If you need a river, you can expand the selection north to include some river fingers and possibly west to also include a stretch of normal river. This will likely include more aquifer though.

  • Adamantine: towards the bottom left.
  • Magma: underground, located on layers 140-143.
  • River: only if you expand the area slightly.
  • Aquifer: There's a tiny area of it towards the top left on a few levels.
  • Trees: Yep.
  • Sand: Yep.
  • Soil: Yep.
  • Iron: Yes, towards the top and middle.
  • Flux: Yep.
  • Fuel: Yep.
  • Neighboring Civs: All.

Emeecamo Ametha, The Eternal Universe of Wind[edit]

Download it here
Seed: 2135737780 v0.27.169.33g (6 rejects)
Made in Dwarf Fortress v0.27.169.33g, created with a Core 2 Duo processor in WinXP. Found using the wonderful Regional Prospector.

Emeecamo Ametha location.png

This is a nice 3x3 (or potentially 2x2) location with almost all major resources. No chasm or sand available, cliffs are no higher than 1 (!), surroundings are Scorching and Untamed Wilds. The brook has a semi-waterfall where it drops 1 Z-level, causing a somewhat odd scene.
If you don't need a river or as many trees, you could actually make it a 2x2 area instead with all other resources by cutting off the bottom and right edges.

  • Adamantine: in the middle.
  • Magma: Upper left corner, the top is fully open to the ground.
  • River: Yes, with a waterfall.
  • Trees: Limited, but enough to make do.
  • Soil: Yep.
  • Iron: Plenty.
  • Flux: More chalk than you could ever need.
  • Fuel: Plenty.
  • Bauxite: Some, check bottom middle of map one level below the lone hill.
  • Neighboring Civs: All.

Emeecamo Ametha location2.png

This is another nice location in this world. It is 5x3 with almost all major resources. No chasm, bauxite, or sand available. Cliffs progress up a few levels from left to right, surroundings are Warm and Calm. The magma vent is underground but only 2 levels deep.
There is so much iron here (many many magnetite clusters) that you'll practically get sick of it. There seem to be more diamonds scattered around here than normal as well.

  • Adamantine: upper right corner.
  • Magma: lower right corner, underground. Only on levels 148-149, so unfortunately very shallow.
  • River: Yes, a small river bend in the upper left corner.
  • Trees: Not overabundant, but not scarce either.
  • Soil: Yep.
  • Iron: Massive amounts; good luck making a dent in it.
  • Flux: Take your pick between dolomite and chalk, tons of each.
  • Fuel: Limited amounts of lignite, mostly in the upper levels on the left side.
  • Obsidian: Plenty of it in the upper left corner at the higher z-levels.
  • Neighboring Civs: All.


 Click here to add a seed!

Seeded worlds are special "codes" which tell the game's pseudo-random number generator (a sophisticated mathematical function which produces numbers that seem random) where to begin generating a world. Because the random number generator is actually just a mathematical function and thus always produces the same result when given a certain input, you can "seed" the generator to produce an entire series of random numbers on another computer that are exactly the same as they were originally produced on the first computer.

However modifications to your raw files can affect worldgen so please state what mods you are using if you post a seed with a non default DF.

To use a seeded world, select Create a New World during the main menu, then hit s to specify a seed. Type in the seed and hit Enter, then hit Enter one more time to begin generation. It will still take the normal amount of time to generate the world, and you will still have rejects before the world is produced.

Mineral content is determined at the time it is allocated, (essentially when you dig near it). Accordingly, the map seed determines the layers and therefore the probability of certain rocks/ores, but the ore veins themselves will vary.

A further warning: there may be other things that affect world generation, such as your operating system. If you generate a world different from one described here, with exactly the same seed, please mention it with the relevant details (operating system including any service packs, processor type, and game version) on the talk page.

Here are seeds generated in older versions. They may not generate the same world if you are using a newer version:

World Generation Parameter Sets[edit]

With the release of, Design New World With Paramaters gained a slew of new features, detailed at Advanced world generation. Almost any parameter that would be associated with a world can now be given start values, end values, limits, and more. Players can create their own parameter sets to generate worlds with specific features. Sets can also set specific seeds to generate a specific world.

Parameter sets are stored in world_gen.txt in the \data\init folder. You can copy and paste other player's sets of parameters into your world_gen.txt to use their parameter sets. World tokens are the individual parameter representations.

One place to find parameter sets for world generation is the Worldgen cookbook thread on the official forums.