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For v0.27.176.38a[edit]

Seed 2482151243[edit]

Not bad. Has lava, sand, chalk (for flux and iron ore), adamantium, and plenty of trees in the south, lots of Z-levels in the north. No obsidian, unfortunately, and the only water is in the underground lake.

Kinda large area, unfortunately.

TNDP start2.jpg

Seed 3052540962[edit]

As found by Tragedian: Region 59, 217 on Latitudes | Seed: 3052540962
3x3 Area, magma, sand, limestone, soil, an aquifier in the middle, stream to the west, all four kinds of rock.
Temperate/Cold Untamed Wilds.
Could you ask for anything more? (Besides HFS or a chasm?)

Picture taken by Trukkle

Seed 1381742286[edit]

Terrifying 3x3 Glacier: Sand, magma pool and volcano.