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40d:Pregenerated worlds/

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Endless Obsidian[edit]

Seed: 4086248544 (2 ~instant rejects), Custom settings: Minimum volcanism: 10, rest default. Dimensions: 257x257, OS: Vista 64 bit.

Note: With the 39e there are separate seeds for map, name and history. The seed included is only for map, so name and history will be random.

File:Endless Obsidian.png

4x3 location with more obsidian than you could ever dream of (9 full layers worth, minus alunite/microcline large clusters, so about 240 000 squares minus perhaps 40 000 squares) and granite on the lowest layers. Otherwise friendly area, except for few creatures in open magma pool.

  • Obsidian: More than you can ever use.
  • Trees: Yes, some but you can grow them underground once you have found underground river.
  • Soil: Yes, more than enough for farming, and even for some storage areas.
  • Iron: Few hematite veins in obsidian. Get more from killing attacking goblins.
  • Metals: Plenty of various metals that occur in obsidian.
  • Fuel: Only trees, but as there is magma and no flux, you won't really need any.
  • Magma: One layer pool of magma visible at start.
  • Underground river: Deep in north west corner.
  • Chasm: Sort of, as the underground river ends in a small chasm.
  • Does not have: Adamantine, Cave, Sand, Flux or Bauxite.
  • Neighboring Civs: All.