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This article is about an older version of DF.

Sky, or open space, is represented by a mass of solid blue (cyan) tiles across the map. Sky only appears if there are two levels of successive open space below the current view, and there are no floors or constructions above the current view. Sky is often a good way to tell if you are near the surface, somewhere approaching the clouds, or next to a big cliff and in need of a staircase. Having access to the outside (from above) makes tiles below count as outside (as apposed to inside) which is useful for working out where dwarves are allowed when assigning standing orders.

Despite being suspended in the air, it's unlikely to fall down anytime soon. Even if you're a Gaul.

"Sky allows horrible light to filter into outposts, and should be avoided at all costs." --Zulgar Zarethadil, Miner